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you can tell we're not from the same place when I was confused about the party at the beginning of the game taking place in the woods and he was not

I recently finished Night in the Woods and my bf watched me play it all and at one point he went "oh right, you're not from a small town so you find this charming" which sums up a lot of my reactions

also I REALLY like Halloween in case that wasn't clear

Halloween fanart! I don't even play Splatoon that much. I just really like the style and character designs

go see Talking Simpsons Live if you're a Simpsons fan in Portland or San Francisco in October! Details on this poster I drew

bringing back an oni girl I drew before. I want to do this more often (it makes things easier 😎 )

Stardew Valley fanart. These were my top two picks for courting. I ultimately went with Shane because Penny seems capable on her own but this dude needs help

I am totally okay with dating someone who doesn't drink ever, because hanging out with people who like alcohol as much as I do can be dangerous. ENABLERS

Mega64 commissioned me to draw a poster based on their "Cell Saga in 5 Minutes" video. This will be available exclusively at their PAX booth this weekend!

Do I understand Mastodon? No. But am I willing to learn? Also no.

click for my opinion on cherry cordials 

as his birthday draws near I am reminded that my bf's only flaw is that cherry cordials are his fav chocolate

test posting art again. Holy cow, I can choose how the preview image is cropped. WHAT A CONCEPT

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