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Hey your bus from SFC to EMY just did a quick pull up and pull away while I was waiting for it, and the driver made eye contact as I chased and waved on a kick scooter. Not cool. Now I have to across the bridge for more than my bus+train ticket cost.

I put together an album of photos of my new place, from my walkthrough and some other sources. I can't wait to move in next month!

So far I have an average of 1 passenger signed up for my two week with a peak of 2 and a low of 0 at various points. (!)
Join the !

Why does Twitter still classify any tweet starting with @ as a "reply", when they long ago decoupled @ tags from reply chain information?

39 male, into making interactive art, building community, gaming. In San Francisco again for maybe weeks maybe years. Looking for company for lunch or dinner, event and activity partner, romance, intimacy, kink. and in a long distance marriage.

Convertible social booth, dining booth, bed, bunk bed, for my next bus dwelling conversion. 1.5" aluminum extrusion frame, 1" plywood surfaces, medium thickness seating cushions and thick mattress.

Is there a game review or index or listing site that will tell me which games I need to play when they release to get the full experience, vs which games will be just as much fun 5-10 years from now? Games with "seasons", multiplayer-only content, etc.

"public schools ... 2020-2021 tuition and fees ... average in-state price was $9,670."

The college tuition debate needs to focus more on public vs private school attendance. $10k is a lot, but it's a lot less than the $50k+ that is crippling many people.


The Georgia Indies Bundle on is now available!

Get over $90 worth of amazing Georgia made indie games from devs like,,,,,,,, &


3.5 hours at, currently on my third 30+ minute wait. Fingers crossed the next person I talk to is the last.

Now is charging me late fees because I was out of state when I paid for a vehicle and didn't get back and receive the title to register it until two months later.

Hey, a bunch of links on and off your site to the water bottle refill station map at are now redirecting to your front page. Could you please restore the page or redirect the old address to wherever it is now so those links don't break?

Had to unfollow an old acquaintance today, not because he retweets conservative/antivaxx propaganda, but because he does it so often that it was taking up literally half my feed.
I wish twitter had an option to filter out retweets, but I know they don't do that because money :/

Should I be worried about the fibula fracture alignment or splinted foot angle for my healing broken ankle? 5-8 week delay to get an ortho specialist to review my images, so I'm asking social media. ! :/

Apparently network now requires me to authenticate with SASL to connect, even through their webchat portal which they say shouldn't have that requirement. What's up with that?

It's super suspicious to me that I keep pursuing properties that have had no offers for months to years then coincidentally a competing offer comes in within days of when I'd be presenting mine.

Hey, the forum login page is broken for multiple folks on Discord across multiple browsers. Maybe due to empty HTTP 400 response to background websocket request. Got no response to zendesk ticket opened by the bot on discord.

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