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I guess it's SOP to do an on here so I'll follow suit.

I work as a Linux sysadmin and spend my free time hacking on and , playing video games, and making music. I sometimes post ramblings about technology and other things on gopher/www which are linked above.

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PSA: Ableton samples from their packs (for example, those included in their suite version) are encrypted .aif files. You can use the following program to unencrpyt them and ffmpeg to convert them to wav with:

find . -name "*.aif" -exec abledecoder {} {}f \;
find . -name "*.aiff" -exec ffmpeg -i {} {}.wav \;

Now I can use my legit samples on the Polyend Tracker :)


Reorganized the a bit. Something about early spring and late summer always gets the music ideas flowing. Almost all of the stuff I've released has been in one of those two seasons.

Got my email this morning after many years on the wait list! I'm very excited !

Just finished the longest config I've ever written at around 400 lines for 1 server, no vhosts.

What a nightmare. Is 400 lines child's play or getting hairy? Interested to hear nginx horror tales.

Right now, the compiler is just a messy regex parser written in Perl, but will likely be fully realized as a source-to-source compiler in Racket or another Lisp.

Before I started on a legitimate grammar for the "language" though, I wanted to try and see if anyone had any thoughts on the usability/utility of this project.

Thanks for reading!

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Here is an example of some very basic syntax:

import Module::Foobar::FooMod
import Module::MakeNoise::Maths

set Maths.Cycle1Button = 1
set Maths.Rise1.position = 7
set Maths.Fall1.position = 1
set Maths.LogExp.position = 5

connect Maths.1f FooMod.FooInput

That will produce the attached .svg. I'm still in the early stages and wanted to hear if anyone would find this useful, or if for example the solution provided by PatchBook is better/preferable? Syntax recommendations? Etc.

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I've started developing a markup language for describing modular (or other?) synthesizer patches, and was hoping to solicit some feedback from the community.

I have written a prototype compiler that will compile a .modmark file into a flow chart.

This project is similar to the impressive PatchBook, but aims to make patch definition simpler by abstracting module definition into "libraries" that can be imported, so that you don't have to spend ages writing "boilerplate"

Can anyone recommend a guide for getting started with ?

The caveat being I have 0 Javascript experience. I've seen a lot of tutorials on the internet about coming to Lisp from a JS background, but not so much the other way around.

I suspect I'll have to end up learning first, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible, as I'd prefer to just focus on implementation and have JS be an abstraction that I don't need to worry about. That might be unrealistic 🤔

Just got an email from that they were bought by...Epic Games? Unless I'm misunderstanding something?

What a bizarre email to get. Bandcamp is my absolute favorite place to discover and buy new music. I hope nothing about the model or interface changes.

Just checked out for something at work, and was able to throw together a little web API for a serial controlled industrial hardware machine in a few hours.

It has a few quirks but highly recommend it for throwing something together quickly. The name is very well chosen:

Picture! Never been one for LEDs but QMK makes very good functional use of them.

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My keyboard finally arrived after a few weeks. Pretty interesting keyboard. And QMKs never been better.

It's nice to be able to use the LEDs to signal different layers of functionality.

Its a great keyboard but switching back to a split ortolinear layout is destroying my WPM. Hopefully some latent muscle memory retuns.

Hopefully will only take a few more weeks to get back to my old WPM, after which I'll hopefully be typing much more ergonomically!

I only switched from to about a year ago and I wish I'd explored it sooner.

I can't believe how customized and comfy it feels after this time, just barely scratching the surface with elisp and macros.

Understandably it's not for everyone, but if you're curious at all I'd encourage you to check it out.

A few people over the years tried to get me to explore it, but I was always just happy with vi/vim/gvim.

Wish I'd taken a look sooner.

Currently writing a blog post on writing software in in 2022.

I'm trying to crystalize my thoughts and arguments for and against perl as a "modern" language, and have ended up doing a lot more research than I expected. The article is already at 1500 words, but I'm trying to be thorough!

To that end, any thoughts on perl?

Do you still use perl? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Why? Do you use it at work? Are you writing tools? CGI web apps? One off scripts?

I'd love to know -- thanks!

Can anyone recommend a dedicated server host in the USA?

Found gthost and ovhcloud, but wondering if anyone out there can recommend one they've had personal experience.

Hertzner seems to be the leader here, but do they offer hosts in the USA?

Just checked out Vampire Survivors on and it's insanely fun.

Very straight forward and fun. Classic easy to learn hard to master. Definitely recommend it!

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