Why are stockbroking firms unaware of my dividend re-investments? Why must I source summaries from the companies themselves?

Today I *think* I avoided being sent to London tomorrow..

Spent the night recording guitar tracks .. for my job..

I haven’t cared about Eminem since 2002 and never thought I would again. But then he drops a surprise album and it’s surprise 🔥🔥🔥

Bought Ableton, bought a drum machine. This 2001-born music producer is updating himself for this decade

After some clearing effort this morning. This is the first time I can breathe out of my left nostril in a few years

4 gym workouts this week and perfect eating!

I bought something from a David Jones. I’m almost a sydneysider now

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[blood god standing behind a granite kitchen bench] you know, as a busy blood god, i barely have time to arrange sacrifices these days. that's why i rely on australian political leadership for–

Dropping down to ES6 yesterday hurttttt after becoming used to Typescript

I must be surrounded by a lot of creationspren lately

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