On Thursday I will give an online introduction to ICT4D in form of a lecture at the TU Wien. You can tune in via Zoom, find the link and additional information here:


We are proud to be the first partner of the Digital-Environment System Coalition (DESC). Read more on our blog about DESC and why we joined:


Warum der Zwang zur Speicherung von Fingerabdrücken in Personalausweisen nichts bringt außer Gefahren, erklärte unser Mitarbeiter Friedemann Ebelt heute im Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Das Gespräch mit Axel Rahmlow kann man jetzt nachhören: srv.deutschlandradio.de/dlf-au

#PersoOhneFinger /c

ReclaimYourFace.eu kann nun mit der BürgerInnen-Initiative gegen Gesichtserkennung und biometrische Massenübrwachung in der EU starten. Insgesamt braucht es eine Million Unterschriften aus mindestens sieben EU-Ländern. derstandard.at/story/200012306

Auch wenn wir mit unserer Empfehlung die Server wohl nicht lahmlegen werden: besorgt euch die @signalapp@twitter.com 📲. Wir verwenden sie ebenfalls! Gründe dafür gibt es viele: 🔐 Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung, spendenfinanziert, 🚫 keine Werbung & kein Tracking. derstandard.at/story/200012313

Read Paul's blog post about his engagement with Tim Unwin and many others to create a report with the title:

Technology and Education for the most marginalised Post-COVID-19

Happy and healthy New Year to all of you!


Great news today!

A brand-new /e/-smartphone is available: we have worked with Gigaset in Germany to bring the /e/-GS290 to the market!

Ready to protect your data and deGoogle your life with a smartphone ?

Orders are open at: esolutions.shop/shop/e-os-gs29

Take a look behind the scenes at our partnership with @e_mydata@twitter.com and how we teamed up to ensure that your data is your data. 📱

Full interview: bit.ly/2JXXGui
Read more: bit.ly/2IuvNt7

#dataprivacy #opensource #daretocare #fairphone

The mEducation Alliance released its first issue of EdTech Connected eZine last with the theme, Rising to the Challenge: EdTech Innovators Respond to COVID-19.
Tim Unwin
and Paul Spiesberger
discuss in one of EdTech Connected's articles their latest collaborative initiative with the following title: Technology and Education for the most marginalised Post-COVID-19
Read on here: ccm.xzw.mybluehost.me/research

In the last couple of months we decided to formalize our partnerships with RISE and INSO. We signed a strategic partnership and thank RISE & INSO for their support. Read more here:


Sanja, our new vice-chairperson, wrote about our virtual General Assembly 2020. She also summarized our engagement in 2019/20. Read more here:


Want to know how you can break down barriers to coding?

Join this webinar on Tuesday, 7th July 2020 at 5pm GMT
lead by Joseph O'Brien. He's a passionate software developer and curriculum owner at

RSVP: bit.ly/jmimo1

Get your aplications in for the EQUALS in Tech Awards equals.org/awards - deadline 1st August; form available at es.surveymonkey.com/r/equalsaw . Five categories:
- Access
- Skills
- Leadership in Tech
- Leadership in SME
- Research


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