Found a scan of the Quick Reference guide for the P75 on this German site. I totally forgot this puppy had a plasma display.

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I may have figured out why the floppy drive in my Quadra 700 wasn’t working.

Reinstalled one of my recently re-capped Macintosh IIcx motherboards into its case, fiddled around with a cleaned, lubed, but slightly stubborn floppy drive, booted into System 6, and installed DiskTop using Font/DA Mover.

Living like it’s 1990.

Matthias updated Einstein and Basilisk II to do serial port communication over a TCP port, so now you can do NewtonOS development in a completely virtual environment.

Connected my (almost) 20 year old Griffin PowerMate to my current desktop setup. I had forgotten how cool this little knob was.

As of today’s update, my Comment Blacklist for WordPress contains over 40,000 terms, phrases, and keywords to help keep your comment threads tidy.

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