That ridiculous number refers to my textual legacy on the birdsite. Over here I’m still hovering around 14 dozen toots.

♫ My Top 5 artists: The Wet Secrets (19), Tears for Fears (12), Depeche Mode (5), Joe Jackson (3) & New Order (3) via

Twitter should be text.
Instagram should be photos.
Facebook should be euthanized.

Thinking about efficient placement of electrical conduit, uninterruptible power supplies, and red wine blends.

As one does.

♫ My Top 5 artists: Pop Will Eat Itself (13), The Jam (12), Sniff ‘N’ the Tears (11), Trio (9) & Two Lone Swordsmen (6) via

♫ My Top 5 artists: Duran Duran (12), Trio (5), Depeche Mode (3), Sleater-Kinney (2) & System Syn (2) via

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Twelve Printers Drumming
Eleven Networks Piping
Ten Cats a Meming
Nine Modems Beeping
Eight Gamers Modding
Seven Captchas Asking
Six Apps a Linking
Five Token Rings
Four Calling Stacks
Three Hard Drives
Two Floppy Disks
and a Cartridge in a Parse Tree

♫ My Top 5 artists: The Hives (18), Holy Fuck (14), Front Line Assembly (11), Alphaville (8) & The Faint (4) via

Because , here’s’s Apple IIe web server viewed in’s Courier browser on a Newton MessagePad 2100.

Apple removed the ability to view the Plain Text Alternative of multipart email messages in Yosemite. Is there a Mail plugin that adds this functionality back?

♫ My Top 5 artists: The Hives (12), Martinibomb (2), Andy Williams (1), Bad Religion (1) & Beastie Boys (1) via

Seeing on tonight brought a smile to my face. Good to see him still rocking the plaid.

♫ My Top 5 artists: The Beagle Ranch (9), GoGo Penguin (7), Daft Punk (4), Dim Dim (3) & NRBQ (3) via

My workshop needs a hefty dose of “… finish some of those damn projects.”

TFW your uncredited photo gets retweeted by some twit at the FCC.

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