@eggfreckles Your profile currently says “Legally Bling” … which I can‘t really argue with.

Successfully removed the glued-in battery from a 2013 MacBook Pro without the use of liquid adhesive remover or one of those goofy iFixit heat bags.



Patiently waiting for my superpowers to kick in.

Today, I disassembled and salvaged parts from five dead (or dying) ATA hard drives.

So. Many. Torx.

I did build a Twitter client for it, which seems counter productive to the whole being distractions free goal, but it's offline and sync based. you get a set amount of tweets with each sync, all actions go on a log and actually happen when you sync back. and YES - you can edit tweets, since nothing gets posted until you sync. mastodon, gemini, rss apps for Palm coming next. hopefuly I can ditch the phone once I get all of those going. #theWorkshop

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Found a scan of the Quick Reference guide for the P75 on this German site. I totally forgot this puppy had a plasma display.


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