I adore these “Cyrillic Capital Letter Binocular O” glyphs. Cute as a Russian bug’s ear, they are.

Just shy of its seventh birthday, the latest release of my comment blacklist for now contains over 31,000 keywords, phrases, and other spam blasting snippets.

Pew! Pew! Pew!


Fourteen years ago today, I joined Flickr. Three months later, I posted my first photo … of a BeBox.


Picked up this nerdy nugget at the Brattle Book Shop while visiting Boston last week. Not sure what I appreciate more … the topic or the typography.

Ok, Bare Bones Software has always done release notes right and this veritable tome for the prerelease of BBEdit 12.5 is no schlump. Anyone who creates, describes, supports, or updates software should take note.

This is how its done, kids.


Whenever I see “from birdsite” … it sounds like medical terminology requiring an editor.

Debating nomenclature consistency in vinyl matrix runout descriptions on Discogs is my new jam.

Goat cheese and tomatoes on everything forever.

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