@guardianproject Has Guardian Project or its apps been removed from f-droid? Orbot and Tor Browser don't show up in f-droid search, and links from Guardian Project to its pages on f-droid are broken. e.g. f-droid.org/packages/org.torpr

Package tracking status yesterday: "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date."

Package tracking status today: "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date."

🔥 🐕 🔥 This is fine

Well that's #2 for my "pocket knives I found lying open in the street a block from the elementary school while skateboarding" collection

Me: We already have two cats. Three would be too many.


I was remembering some warning about them using the opportunity to "case your house" and then come back later, which seems a lot more far fetched. (Though I would be a lot more hesitant to let a stranger inside than just meet them in my driveway)

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I guess the more compelling danger is that they take $valuable_thing from you by force then and there; better to be somewhere around people and/or cameras.

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If I do a live online workshop on writing #Python modules using #rustlang, will you join it? It will be around 2 hours long at least. Reply to the thread if you want to join in. Please RT for more reach.

Selling something on craigslist. Is there any evidence of substantial risk from having a buyer meet you at your home? Or is that a holdover from "omg never let anyone online know anything about you even your first name" paranoia?

Like, yeah, I guess they *could* decide to come back and rob me later, but I don't see how it's any more dangerous than having and advertising a garage sale, for example

It's fucked. It's all fucked. Signal is announcing in the newest beta verstion integration of a random crypto shitcoin. Gonna attract all the crazies nobody wants in this.

Gonna trigger a mass exodus after so many years fighting to have people to use the app and all the alternatives are not good enough.

Really tired of changing messaging platforms every 2 years on my life.

More Coleman slide practice today. I put my phone's bumper case to good use

Had an encounter with the mortal enemy of everywhere. Emerged unscathed.

Just had a shirtless dude run into our back yard, see us staring at him from inside, and then run back out. Immediately after, police came by looking for him and told us to stay inside. 10ish minutes later the police left at high speed, and I went outside to look at what kind of lock I might need for our gate latch. While I was out there I heard some clattering from next door and he came out of his hiding spot and ran away.

So anyway, gate locks ordered!

I've been more days than not in the 2 years since this toot. Really glad I went out of my comfort zone and gave it a shot. Speaking of which, did some Coleman slide practice today

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Follow-up - I've since found that positioning it in "landscape" orientation, leaned against the fence at an angle, works much better

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Saw the news that Tesla is now accepting Bitcoin payments for cars, so I looked up some figures and did some math.

According to Tesla's own figures, a Model 3 saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime compared to a traditional car. A Model 3 costs 0.69-1.21 BTC. Mining one BTC results in 257 tons of CO2 emissions.

For the next time someone tells you Elon Musk is saving the planet.

@feld @ryanfb
»over half of the BTC mining pool is using renewable tho«

1: that makes paying in Bitcoin merely generates 5 times as much CO2 as the car is _supposedly_ saving.

2: Wouldn't it be nice to use all that renewable energy to displace more non-renewable energy sources rather than to buy a monster that still uses more resources than most other cars? That thing weighs >2.4t and has a >245kW engine. Enough for 2-3 decent cars.

Some recent focused hill practice has been paying off. Managed to take the big downhill at the end of my usual route feeling in control and without having to foot brake. Kept speed mostly under control with just carving and some proto-slides. There um, may have been a strategic hop off and run-out at the bottom to avoid blindly going into an intersection.

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