Sunday Streaming - Factorio

Wanting to chill and not stress, so doing some achievement hunting in Factorio ^^

Its still quite warm in Sweden for this time of year, like far warmer than usual for this time of year. It is still hovering at 26 to 27C at my desk as its not dropping much outside during the day. Was hoping for a colder fall, but so far it is feeling like just a longer summer.

ive had the fast part of "Queen - Don't Stop Me Now" on loop in my head for like 3+ days, but its out of order and i dont remember all the words or the proper song flow and sometimes the "having a good time" lyric repeats but gets louder on each repeat, so its really just chaos.

There is like an optimal time to join a meeting where if you get there too early, people want to chat with you, and if you get there too late, people are waiting on you and that time is all dependent on knowing how late or early all other participants are likely to be.

this goes for other things too. like ive barely been watching streams or participating in group chats or discords. sort of doing the bare minimum when i can but ive been extremely socially pulled inward lately

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i know i have not streamed much lately, i absolutely will be getting back to it, ive just been feeling extra down and overwhelmed lately and by the time stream time comes around i barely have the social energy to even send a text

i def prefer Factorio in peaceful mode with no enemies. The pressure of the constant waves messing up my complex factory structures is simply annoying and detracts from the enjoyment i have of the building aspect.

i dreamed we ordered delivery because i really wanted good french fries, then i woke up.

So while people are screaming that it is those "100 companies that make 71% of emissions", it turns out that 90% of that 71% number are not even controlled or owned by those companies and include things like you driving your car.

Read it yourself. Its even linked near the top of the Guardian article.

The paper makes it clear that it is talking about emissions traced to those companies, even through consume use. However, because peeps read the headline and the short article The Guardian wrote on it, which conveniently gloss over this fact, we ended up with this bad take.

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Everytime i see someone share the "Don't blame me! 100 corporations cause 71% of emissions” take, its clear they did not even read the paper that take is from. The paper clearly states 90% of those emissions are from scope 3 emissions, which are post sale consumer use emissions.

On my desk is a little liquid crystal display thermometer and hygrometer that has a smiley face that appears that supposedly represents pleasantness. It only appears in a range that is both too hot and too humid for my comfort levels, so it simply appears to mock me.

Sunday Streaming

Ultima 4 (NES) Any% Practice for the WR push

Will be a relatively chill stream with lots of grinding savestates ^^ Come chill with me!

Do you ever watch movies or experience media that makes you nostalgic for things you did not really experience or maybe only tangentially experienced?

Loaded youtube and it recommended the the following music video

Hazel English - I'm Fine

Have never heard this, but it very much is a permanent mood it feels for me. Extremely relatable song.

sunday streaming

ultima 4 (NES) any% practice for the WR push ( and also some Randomizer )

come chill with me ^^

sunday streaming

ultima 4 (NES)
any% practice for the WR push and Randomizer

come chill with me ^^

Super Mario 35 has me hopeful again for a Wind Waker Switch release.

So over the last couple of nights ive learned that the whirlpool that warps you to cove in Ultima 4 (NES) is invisible and does not move before level 7. i am now exploring if this new knowledge has any effect on the route or if the one ive already made is better.

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