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Intel Community: "We found security issue, but it's not in our hands to patch it. Software developers should prevent it to happen with their implementations. We'll just tell everyone AMD also has security issue and pretend nothing happen."
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How do you get to be verified as the site owner in your profile meta? Mastodon

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"Children are often taught "computer skills" that are really "Microsoft Windows skills" – how to use Microsoft's operating system and its Office suite (its two monopolies) – rather than the possibilities of making computers do what you want." http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/aug/17/becta-schools-computers-technology-creative?CMP=twt_iph

Why did my ISP switched over to CGNAT, now I cannot access my web server anywhere!

Good Night!

Upgrading Orange Pi Lite...

Thinkpad X200T upgraded to a cheap low capacity Kingston SSD with squeezed installation of Windows 7 (no choice to remove, I need it for my studies) and Debian GNU/Linux (dev environment), I just need to find a tutorial to flash coreboot and purchase a CH341a.

I finally got a X200T, will perform and hddtest later.

Can someone give me a (either X200T/X220T/X230T), I just want move away from Intel Atom.

Notable Events:
Star City Arson PH
Twitter went down (I don't use it, just use mastodon <3)

I need a x220T, but I can't find any for sale.

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