Don't let anyone tell you that searching for answers online in a technical field is wrong or somehow a sign of weakness. It just means you're not sure how to do something and are asking questions from the internet.

Weakness is part of programming. Not understanding is part of programming. Nobody understands all of this shit without someone helping them. It's just that some folks forget who helped them.

(I wrote a book on this and other things about programming here:

Opinion | I’ve Seen a Future Without Cars, and It’s Amazing - The New York Times 

swear to god if I ever learn what monads are they better not be functions wrapping functions or some bullshit

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Starting to realize that Elon Musk is a megachurch pastor for atheists

i like how microwave manufacturers invented the popcorn button just so microwave popcorn manufacturers could include "do not use the popcorn function of your microwave" in the instructions

tired: constipated detectives
wired: no shit sherlock

5yo: "Don't tell Darth Vader happy Father's Day because he's not a nice father."

Shout out to my coworkers who have had their Slack statuses set to "Working remotely" for three full months.

Dr. Seuss would be proud, not of the forced rhyme, but the message. —

When you type ./configure, the GNU Build System automatically spends the next ten minutes reminiscing about every major and minor unix variant created since 1971

Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

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