I've been watching the Orville, and got to S01E03, with the baby. It started out really strong, and could have explored some very interesting ethics, but quickly devolved into "our culture is better because it's ours".

Such a shame, for a moment it looked like a new Star Trek.

I hope future generations will see us as the era when people put profit above anything else.

At least that'll mean they won't.

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The open beta phase is now active! Download 'The Last Priestess' beta for iOS and Android and let us know what you think!

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/det
iOS: testflight.apple.com/join/owc1

Feedback & bug reports are more than welcome here, via email or on our Discord (links in bio)!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/last_priestess/sta

I'm watching Friends Reunion and, if anything, it's sad because the only thing that feels real in it is @MatthewPerry@twitter.com's line "I don't hear from anyone [from the rest of the cast]".

I bought (and am wearing) a dress. So far, I've gotten much fewer encouraging comments than I'd have liked. Most people aren't loving that a man is wearing a dress.

How come whenever I start working on something fun at around midnight, I look at the clock half an hour later and it's already 5am?

The @skroutzit@twitter.com saga continues: They sold me a phone that loses sound a few seconds into each and every call, I sent it back within a week and they said it's working fine.

They sold me a defective device and they refuse to take it back or replace it. Stay far, far away.

How far does the Bitcoin price have to drop before "crypto" means "cryptography" again?

I'm not sure how @skroutzit@twitter.com plans to become the Greek Amazon without great customer service. I bought a mobile phone that arrived defective, I sent it back and haven't heard anything in almost a week.

No phone for me to call, no refund, just uncertainty.

Estas Tonne is the most famous unknown musician.

Medical question for anyone here who may know: Now that I'm vaccinated, is it safe for me to go back to licking the bus handles?

I hate movies where you're constantly yelling at the protagonist to not be so goddamn stupid at every turn.

I'm looking at you, The Invisible Man. The movie that could have been 5 minutes long if the protagonist had thought to go buy a $50 infrared phone camera.

If you want to deploy a bunch of Docker Compose apps with minimal hassle, I recommend Harbormaster:


Mypy and Python static typing just allowed me to do a tricky refactor at 4 am, half-asleep, mostly without thinking. I love it.

I must be the only person who wants to get an mRNA vaccine instead of AZ because the tech is cooler.

I needed a way to easily deploy Dockerized applications to my home server so I made one:


Takes a bunch of repos containing Compose apps and automatically manages and keeps them updated.

Decided to write some Rust. Five hours later, I'm still no closer to using a library to do a "git pull" on a repository.

Unfortunately I'm finding it very hard to justify spending this much time for something that's one line in other languages...

I'm building a utility that will take a repo with multiple docker-compose files and run them, automatically updating them whenever you push. It'll mount the data directory of each app under a single directory, for easy backups.

Before I build too far, does sthg like it exist?

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