MFW I warn people against some complicated technology like Kubernetes or Kafka and they use "but scale" as a counterargument.

So with CloudFlare Workers in CloudFlare Pages I can write a JS file called mypath.js and when someone visits, the code gets executed server-side? That's pretty neat!

Looks like we're back to the PHP days, except the language is bett... never mind.

Listen to my woes: I bought but it doesn't run on Linux, and I can't be bothered to reboot to Windows to play it, even though I really like it.

I'm never buying a game that doesn't run on Linux again, I have decided.

PSA: "GMT" doesn't mean "whatever time it is in the UK". The UK isn't even on GMT right now.

People say "well-written code doesn't need comments" to mean "my code is well-written, therefore it doesn't need comments". The saying should be "if your code needs comments, it's not well-written enough".

Causality goes the other way.

I guess they can charge however much they want, but I think price fatigue will set in soon. We can't be paying $20 per user per month on 100 small tools.

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Tool pricing has gone a bit crazy. I just tried an incident management tool, which I liked. It's priced at $200/yr/user.

It's like, you're useful, but you're not FIVE TIMES AS USEFUL AS GITHUB. I see this trend with lots of tools, they simplify something and charge tons.

Why do meeting software companies hate me? All I'm trying to do is make a physical mute button, yet nobody will give me a simple API to get/set whether I'm muted on the meeting or not.

PSA: There are only two essential rules when having an online meeting:

1) Wear headphones.
2) Mute yourself when not speaking.

Also, less important (but still important), ethernet is better than wifi, and wired is better than Bluetooth.

You'll improve everyone's experience.

- Who's there?
- Knock knock.
- UDP who?

If you were building, say, the Spotify client app and said "every part of the app is a different microservices and we'll deploy it on the customer's machine using K3s for orchestration" you'd be put on a PIP, but it's somehow perfectly acceptable for servers.

I've been learning a lot about SQLite in this thread and it's elevated my already high opinion of it:

The website is one of the worst I've seen. No description of what it does, no advantages, no mention of anything, installation instructions are an afterthought in the sidebar.

0.1% of visitors will be interested in project news, yet it's 100% of the page.

I just had a customer ask three times how he can get the upgraded tier on one of my services for free, and told me to go fuck myself when I said I wasn't interested in helping him any more.

Customer support is not always fun, but times like these it really is!

Interesting thought: Look how careful they're being, and consider that that's the *least* careful they can ever be.

We usually become faster because we learn the point of failure and learn to avoid it, but that doesn't work when you can only fail once.

They can never go faster.


Bomb defusing process


Well this about sums it up:

"If Russia didn't want Ukraine to turn towards the EU, they shouldn't have annexed the parts of Ukraine containing all the citizens who didn't want to do it."

My favorite story I heard lately is how sort-of prevented (postponed, I guess) World War 3 by also refusing an order to fire on Russian soldiers, after his superior, Michael Jackson, disobeyed it.

I'll say one thing about, I sent them an email with a highly technical question on Sunday morning, figuring I'd get a canned reply two days later.

I got an email six minutes later that answered my exact question in detail, and then some. Props.

I just started trying and I'm pretty impressed, the ACLs are easy and very powerful. I'm thinking it would be a good way to have a home network as well., how can I remove the need to trust you not to add extra devices to my VPN?

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