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constantly fascinated by the large number of youtube channels that are "Woman lives simple life with nature and often wears little clothes"

Often with alluring thumbnails and country-ish copyright free free music they are the long form inspo picture you are used to seeing on Instagram.

100% chance of swimming in a river, working with hands, simple cooking, yoga, quite narration.

My 7 year old son's review of the first half of the first lord of the rings movie: "Not enough jumping. They didn't jump even one time"

You can tell is cool because it won't let new people even post.

The problem with leaving the house is it's hard to know if Preston is playing.

America seems bad at protesting and I'm not sure how to get better.

I look forward to my GitHub copilot royalty check in the mail.

Always wild when a band I liked one song in 2008 I never followed now has album after album to check out.

Lol one day @anniversary will be around long enough to actually celebrate someone's account anniversary :)

I hate mounting furniture to the walls so much. I don't want to drill in to my nice painted walls.

The unwritten American rule is you never openly criticize your boss or employer. You only tell your direct manager your complaints so they can get lost in the system or ignored in a way you can't prove and have no way to take action on.

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