The little known secret of using Mastodon: it tells you to choose an instance but you're actually choosing your admin(s).

Wait what's an instance I thought I was on ello

โ€œExperience at scale does change culture. Experience at scale IS culture.โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t give absurdity a chance to scale.โ€ makes some really great points about how technology choices can change culture more than we might initially realize at

A Thorough Look at Neverwinter Night. Just a simple 3 hour overview of the series

Hard to believe the web is so old and we've only made it to decentralization. Wake me when we make it to zecentralization,

it's 2.5 hours long so if your not feeling ambitious you can wait for him to cut it down to a much tighter 20 mins or so.

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power user < rockstar user < CEO user < trillionaire user < cosmic force user < MEGA PISS LORD USER

This is about to be a horrible mistake, isn't it?

I hope lots of @Mastodon folks show up to Shiffman's mastodon and bots tutorial this Friday the 28th at 11am ETS!

Neural Style Transfer is now under 'computer art' in Wikipedia. Of course, Wikipedia is so impartial, that there is nothing strange that a portrait of Jimmy Wales is used as example.

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