The "BBC Earth" drinking game: take a sip everytime a presenter says "vast". is an amazing alternative to Amazon's Audible: an independent audiobook platform that sells books from every major publisher at the same price as Audible - but without DRM, and with a share of every sale going to an indie bookseller of your choosing.

Virtually every audiobook title is available through - except for those titles that Audible demands be sold as "Audible exclusives."


(hverken Statoil eller NSB gjorde den elementære sjekken på om noen andre brukte navnet de hadde tenkt å bytte til...)

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Når en statlig eid bedrift får det for seg at de skal endre navn, så bør statsråden som generalforsamling bare si "Nei! Bare: nei! Drit i det!"

I mean, fuck the panic over automation-driven unemployment. Relocating every coastal city inland, dealing with hundreds of millions of traumatized refugees, fighting continent-spanning fires and dealing with wave after wave of zoonitic and insect-borne pandemics will give us full employment for centuries to come.


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It's too late for those homes. It's too late for our coasts and most of our coastal cities. But it's not too late for us. We can - we MUST - turn this around, by pivoting our entire species' productive capacity to climate remediation.


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There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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Join mastodon and slowly posting a wordpress RSS/atom feed Mastodon is a social network that appears similar to twitter: you get a feed where you can see “toots” instead of “tweets” and you can send your own toots that will be seen by others listening to you or looking for a hashtag found in your toot. Mastodon differs

Join diaspora and slowly posting a wordpress RSS/atom feed Diaspora is a social network that appears to similar to Facebook in its behaviour: you get a web UI with a feed, and what ends up in that feed comes from your friends and your groups and what hashtags you filter for. Diaspora differs from Facebook in that it is

Composing applications with karaf features I create web applications by first creating a set of OSGi bundles that form the building blocks of the application, and then use karaf features to pull the building blocks together to create complete applications that run inside apache karaf. The bundles are (in order of initial

How to get test coverage back in sonarcloud maven builds I use travis-ci to build my github projects and use sonarcloud to do analysis of the builds. In the start of January 2020, the test coverage percentage on all sonarcloud projects suddenly dropped to 0%. This blog post explains why coverage percentage dropped to 0% and how to get the test coverage back in the … Continue reading

Simplified REST APIs from karaf using Jersey I have written the Java class JerseyServlet which is intended as a base class for DS (Declarative Services) components providing Servlet services to the OSGi web whiteboard. The JerseyServlet simplifies the approach outli

Simplified delivery of react.js from apache karaf -maven-plugin -router -saga This article is about a new servlet base class I have created to simplify serving up javascript frontends from the OSGi web whiteboard. This article won’t go into the structure of the files that must be ser

My OSGi story OSGi is a Java plugin framework and module system that were initially created for supporting embdedded applications in the automotive industry. OSGi also forms the foundations for the Eclipse IDE plugin model. The plugin model of OSGi consists of components waiting for services and starting and exposing services when all of the dependencies are sat

Rewriting applications to use pax-jdbc-config and liquibase -jdbc -jdbc-config After creating the post Pluggable databases for apache karaf applications I posted a link to the blog post in the karaf user mailing list, and the immediate response was, “why didn’t I just pax-jdbc-config instead?“. The answer to that is that I didn’t know a

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