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*RARE* first person view of storm surge. This camera is 6 feet off the ground on Estero Blvd in Fort Myers Beach, FL. Not sure how much longer it keeps working. You’ll see it live only on ⁦@weatherchannel@twitter.com⁩

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I've been capturing video from this webcam in Fort Myers all day and I've put it into a Timelapse. Check out the storm surge rushing in! Crazy.

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Are you still stuck using proprietary software to talk to your coworkers and loved ones? Jitsi Meet respects your freedom and privacy, and FSF associate members can spread that freedom by using the new FSF instance: u.fsf.org/33h Join today: u.fsf.org/63

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My phone now has a local copy of 6.5M Wikipedia articles with pictures. It takes 89GB, or about 1/3 of my phone's storage. The future is amazing. Thanks, @KiwixOffline@twitter.com.

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Un des avantages de la sécheresse. Les gens ne tondent pas la pelouse à l'heure de la sieste. La pluie est revenue.

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