Developing Mastodon, I strive to use terminology that is familiar to as many people as possible so as to not put up unnecessary barriers in understanding. For this reason I am happy that we went away from calling posts "toots". It has always been a point of friction for people. Not that I dislike branding, quite the opposite, but in my experience receiving feedback over half a decade, it had a negative effect on the platform for little benefit.

M:I 3 is the last one that tried to have a story, and also the worst one. Take that as you will.

Safer to keep cash on the windowsill than to keep it in Tether.

I invented "sushi salad" before learning about poke

I never look forward to knocking doors but it’s always rewarding to talk to real people. And it was a cardio workout knocking the south side for Summer Lee today.

Heard we don't care about likes or follows on here. I would like to say that I care 🙋‍♂️

(overheard, looking at blu-ray display)

Kid: These are books?
Dad: No, they're movies.
Kid: They're books about movies?
Dad: They're not books at all.

I'm a terrible luddite, I love computers. It's a real tension. 😱

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(He says while on lunch from his programming job, surrounded by three monitors.)

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Tired of being a luddite but there's not much tech that under our politics isn't a catalyst for consolidation.

"Content warning" has an over-dramatic connotation. Kinda good to have a middle ground between blurting something out and not posting at all.


I hope future generations laugh about the idea of a "Supreme Court"

mastodon meta 

I'm sure this is a tired subject, but "toot" has no thematic connection to "mastodon." Call me humorless but it's an unforced error inhibiting adoption!

Not usually in favor of "letting people enjoy things," but at this time I'm not going to challenge mid-size theatrical releases. 🌞

nft scams 

I feel like online sentiment has sufficiently shifted against NFTs, but we still have to look out for orgs in small cities being convinced it's something they need to get into.

Nothing against them but if any of y'all become a member of before joining your local indie , we need to talk

Watching APOLLO 11 in IMAX, wishing the left could reclaim the space program as a model of successful government.

I understand the challenge of justifying exploration while suffering is unaddressed at home. Yet the constructivist imagery is like an alternate history of the USSR... compelling in changing the narrative of what social organization can do.

is pikachu a species or an individual

are pikachu and detective pikachu the same person

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