OK, Hell just froze over:


"If you can't beat them, join them" -- American saying.

"Mon Dieu, préservez-moi de mes amis, mes ennemis je m'en charge !" -- vieux proverbe français.

The problem is once you've created a platform hooked into the fediverse with those elements, you've already lost to whomever creates something *without* those elements.

This Albin stuff is nuts. I think a lot of people are trying to integrate into the fediverse with good intentions and hopefully make a sustainable business out of it. So many don't understand the core principles of why people are here, so reimplement the same shit elsewhere (ads, closed-source stuff, tracking etc.).

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:blobpensiveleft: fingerprint unlock
:blobpensive: face unlock
:blobwoah: chaos emerald unlock

hey anyone marching in Lundun today you kick arse

A dream position: any in which I can say "no, sorry, we do not support Microsoft Windows"

@asherlangton welcome to mastodon. Sometimes discovery can be difficult, so feel free to look at who im following and add them, or search for hashtags and follow people tooting cool stuff. This place is a lot nicer than Twitter. Also there's art everywhere, I hope you like it here as much as I do.

Its going to be good times when the alt-right find out the former head of the UK's "Liberal Democrats" party is now Facebook's head of communications.

Spent a lovely fortnight in Germany with some great people doing bad things to good vehicles. Sad to go, but cant wait to see Marizel again.

Finished reading the release notes for #OpenBSD 6.4. Wow! In addition to the big stuff (RETGUARD, Spectre mitigations, and unveil(2)), so much new, improved, and fixed stuff in 6.4. Tons of new drivers.

And lots of polish:
+ ifconfig join
+ dhclient(8) now has the '-r' option to release the current lease and exit
+ lam(1) now provides UTF-8 support.
+ Mandoc can now format the manuals of the groff port.

One more thing.... Actually, dozens: openbsd.org/64.html

@Wolf480pl @Shamar You cannot do that without severely compromising your principles. #RedHat is mostly free software, (as opposed to just open-source), so it could be done without the compromises.

But let's not forget the historical context of who initially co-founded and who championed the OSI, it was people like ESR and Tim O'Reilly.

Enough has been said about ESR's toxic politics.
And O'Reilly doesn't even offer books DRM-free these days. Instead they're locked behind online DRM .

Apparently people are angry about google chrome requiring .dev URLs be secure connections because it breaks their dev environment...

Who could have ever guessed using a unregistered and unreserved top-level domain would have bad consequences? :O

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