I am moving my #peertube account to @fedilab

I created my own instance. The application already points to it and I will transfer my videos in coming days.

Good times yesterday with the 8 bit arcade at steel con. The arcade will return next month in manchester

Twitter being down is nice. The world is nicer with Twitter being down.

Just got the gas safe visit sorted for the boiler. The installer rang me up. Read him the news. Asked about calling me up. I forgot to tell him I record all my calls. Whoops!

@stevelord Essentially any home computing channel can also be affected, I think. You know, because even Raspberry Pi and Arduino board can by extension also be used for hacking... 😆

YouTube is deleting videos and channels it deems containing instructional hacking vids. This obviously has chilling effects for confs and security youtubers.

I'm setting up a 44CON instance, hopefully later today but moving offices (yay hexchange day!) so it may take a while. If there are any security youtubers who want an account, reply here.

I've got an SD2IEC, so we can get plenty of games going. i'm also building a slideshow demo to run when we're not playing games. I've never programmed the c64 so its quite hard for me while I get used to the quirks!

We're doing some mad stuff with c64s at this year. I needed to get them up and running while the house is screwed. We're also taking them to steelcon where we're hoping to run an 8bit arcade.

Yes that's a philips cm8833mkii monitor BTW. We have two of these setups. I chose the mkii because of the resolution and built in speakers.

Day trip to mottisfont. This is the river Test. The river Production is much bigger.

This entire blog looks really cool but the stuff on cartridges with modems in them is definitely a good read: writing.markchristian.org/2019

Loss adjuster came round. Downright odd. Every time I asked a question it was shot down. Offered to show things, not interested. Then told can't claim for things they can't see after I'd offered to show them. Marizel talks to them, absolutely no problem. Genuinely weird af.

Today we have plumbers taking a look at the bathroom job. That's the bathroom fitted last week that we can't use because of the leaks everywhere, including the brown water leak from the waste onto the bathroom floor.

So far it's going well. We may have an almost usable bathroom by Saturday.

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