"Walking In On The Breach"
- When a pentester bumps into an adversary and interrupts an active intrusion.

A Christmastime Fireside Chat & Story

Listen to the one-hour holiday special on the #PurpleSquadSec podcast with @JohnsNotHere and @tinker here:


#hacking #infosec #podcast

It'd be nice if I could automate tooting my @pixelfed posts. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Also: here's a pic of Paris at night: pixelfed.social/p/stevelord/21

"If you'd rather not receive Firefox Account updates and tips, you can unsubscribe."

this e-mail has absolutely nothing to do with my Firefox account so double fuck off

"We sent this message to x because the email address is associated with a Firefox Account."

fuck off

also I don't recall ever signing up for such a mailing list, I just saw it on my work e-mail too which I used for a new Firefox account and I definitely didn't sign up for this mailing list there.

Somebody imported an entire list of addresses from the Firefox accounts database didn't they?

Firefox <Mozilla@e.mozilla.org>

Stream great concerts wherever you are

Excuse me, Mozilla what? Why are you doing this and why are you sending this to the e-mail alias I use for my Firefox account?

A few people have suggested pixelfed as an alternative to tumblr but we do not allow text-only posts.

If you are looking for a federated tumblr alternative please consider the following projects:

- Pleroma (pleroma.social/)

- Mastodon (joinmastodon.org)

- Misskey (misskey.xyz/)

"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" is actually a cautionary tale about workplace discrimination:

Off into London now. Looking at bar alternatives for next year's

you might be thinking "what is this pleroma you speak of"

well you see, the fediverse is made out of many different servers running different kind of software that is (for the most part) all compatible together, for example i am posting this from a pleroma instance even though on mastodon this post appears identical to every other post, no matter what software the origin server is running.

Pleroma is a microblogging platform similar to mastodon with a greater focus on self-deployment and smaller communities

Try it out today!

thread on why people put content warnings on mastodon, for new users <3 Show more

modern advertisement and marketing is unethical and harmful

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Some trans people are men. Some are women. Some are neither.

Some trans people have known since they were kids. Some figured it out in their 80s.

Some trans people have been on hormone replacement therapy for years. Some can't get on HRT. Some don't want to be on HRT.

Some trans people try to "pass". Some don't.

Some trans people have had surgery. Some don't want surgery. Some can't get surgery.

All trans people are valid, regardless of any of the above. :trans_heart:

Can't sleep due to early flight. Meanwhile Lisbon gets a blade runner vibe

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