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The 20th Issue of Tales From The Dork Web is now up. Towards A Solarpunk Future discusses our escape from today's Cyberpunk dystopia into the bright green future of tomorrow:

It's nice that whenever I reload a Twitter URL on my mobile now I get the helpful message : "Something went wrong".

Like the health warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes.

@stevelord Thanks for researching this. My thought, dreams and random ideas all have a name now.

"Insisting on inaction until we find a perfect solution isn't an option."
Said @stevelord


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Anyone looking for a full stack developer, remote or in Berlin?

My qualifications are
- 3+ years experience working in web development with PHP & JavaScript
- Above average knowledge concerning accessible and resource friendly frontend development
- Some working experience with python
- I’m very eager to learn new things

The reason I post TFTDW on lobsters in the first place is because other people post elsewhere (e.g. HN) which is really cool, but if I post it on lobsters I get reply notifications on comments so I can join in more easily - If someone else posts it I might miss the discussion for example.

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I've participated in a few threads on self-promotion because it's something I want to avoid. I don't post TFTDW link roundups for example because I don't think that has value to lobsters users.

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Pushcx removed my dork web post from lobsters on the grounds of self-promotion, so I won't be posting TFTDW on there anymore.

He's deleted a few of my posts over the past few days and came across as fairly aggro in the message, so I'll take a break from there for a while.

The 20th Issue of Tales From The Dork Web is now up. Towards A Solarpunk Future discusses our escape from today's Cyberpunk dystopia into the bright green future of tomorrow:

Quite happy with the way the JLCPCB fabbed board came out from Phil's KiCAD tutorial. Don't have time to do electrical testing and I need to order the SWD headers off Digikey so I'll hopefully get these up and running next week.

Working on my CP/M board next. Got my schematic done in eeschema yesterday. Not looking forward to routing it!

Tempted to do a gonzo journalism by sending furry art links to the world’s most radical plastic surgeon and asking him “how much of this is possible using present-day technology”

Things that we don't realize until it's too late in most cases: we can lose everything we write in Facebook, Twitter, or in any other corporation's run social network from night to day because of corporate decisions.

Tomorrow is the 20th issue of Tales From The Dork Web. It's all about and building the Solarpunk future we want instead of the Cyberpunk present we sleepwalked into. If that sort of thing is your bag, you can sign up at or wait till 13:37 tomorrow UK time for it to go out.

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Finally there is some serious discussion in the mainstream of the possibility of a coup in the USA. Before it was either clickbait or irony.

I've been worried about this for quite some time, but most people I spoke with played it down.

I like how "American exceptionalism" is explicitly called out as a cause of that here:

This is also a decent read about this:

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Google started editing people's e-mails in GSuite, replacing links with a link through

This means that Google will track a click on a link *in e-mail* even if you're using an external client.

I am *guessing* this is under the pretext of phishing protection, but it actually *creates* additional phishing risk for text-only clients, since now all links are links.

Got a bit of time today to work on my covid stats virtual pet project inspired by the movie vivarium. Managed to learn a bit about how to use structs more efficiently with tuples for managing state. Pic is of an older version but you should get the idea

Bunch of new toys arrived in the hacklab today so I coded up this. It's an ESP32 attached to an Epaper display. Connects to my Huginn agent that demunges UK PHE covid stats. I think I might turn this into a virtual pet.

I’m really in to occultism and I think there’s a lot to learn from it but I always want to qualify that with “but I am not an idiot though I don’t believe in...” and then I remember I’m trying to defend myself to humans who think they are objective and rational and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m on the back foot any more.

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