Every time I click that "I never signed up for this mailing list" option when unsubscribing, I think the correct phrasing should be "Don't be coy. You signed me up without asking, you fuckers."

One issue I’ve been having with ReadKit is that the built-in browser is very choppy when it comes to scrolling. Not smooth at all. I wonder if it’s using UIWebView instead of WKWebView. Still doesn’t make sense though. 🤷‍♂️

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The two RSS reader apps I’ve been using forever have either lagged in updates (ReadKit) or gone subscription (Unread).

Being a developer, I certainly think there are cases where monthly payments make sense (and I pay for some things that way), but a “reader” app that shows content from other sources is not it.

As a replacement solution, last week I purchased Reeder for macOS and iOS. So far I’m very happy with the polish and delightful details. Very well done.


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One day, in a distant future, when electric vehicles are the norm, people will look back on internal-combustion vehicles in awe and despair that we could have once relied on such an overcomplicated mechanism simply to propel things forward.

I keep reading after the pandemic this, after the pandemic that… What the heck do you mean, “after”?! There is so far to go before we can contemplate “after”.

TestFlight 3.0 landed today. No sign of Apple-integrated buddybuild yet. Maybe they should ask the TestFlight team to do something about it…

Who do you have to bribe around here to get The Name of the Rose available to stream anywhere?

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I've been working with C++ for almost 25 years now.

My first reaction when I open a C++ file still is:

Yuck, gross 😂

It’s interesting, not necessarily in a good way, that so many people are willing to call out Clump’s lies now that the wind is blowing the other way.

Most news organizations were “reporting” his lies without challenge or even identifying them as such. But now, Fox News? Republicans? Twitter and Facebook? Hello, where were you the last four years.

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What does it say about our future that the end of democracy is more easily imagined than the end of capitalism?

I just donated money to Wikimedia as I do every year. This one is such a no brainer. I benefit immensely from the ability to look up all manner of things on Wikipedia. We all do.

I know I've said it before but let me indulge. Kottke.org is the best blog on Earth and you're missing out if you're not following it. I've been reading it for about 20 years and am happily renewing my subscription. So many things I've come to be aware of in my life happened via Kottke. The Internet can seem like a lot of crap sometimes, but Jason consistently finds the gems that make it interesting, alive and personal.

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More Playdate news. It’s such a cool idea. I can’t tell whether I’m more excited about the thing itself or about the fact that the Panic folks are behind it. Love these guys!

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So I search for the movie Sicko on Netflix and the third suggestion is a documentary about President Truffalump.

Make of that what you will.

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