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My wife and I have puzzled over the awkwardness of people bitching about their spouse, the person they chose to be with, the person they're supposed to love and cherish:

"But bonding over a ‘joking’ disdain for your spouse is more than an innocuous social phenomenon—it’s become a bandaid for the broad simmering resentment in so many American marriages."

In particular, I'm amazed that gender equality within relationships is retreating, not improving.

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“No more talk, time for action” sometimes sounds like this:

“I just want to be alive. I want all of us to just be alive. It is hard to accept the way things are, to know that the fight is outside the realm of argument and persuasion and appeals to how much it all hurts in every way. It is terrifying to know that the prize for many who care may be prison or worse. But all the right words about climate have already been deployed.”

There should be a setting for not wanting to be bothered by surveys. Yes I bought a thing and I used a service from you. I voted with my money. Leave it at that.

Is there a good way to switch profiles with Firefox? Something official would be nice. At least more official than running `/Applications/ -p`. I see there is a Profile Switcher add-on but not sure it can be trusted. Anyone has any tips?

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"When all is said and done, more is said than done."

-- Lou Holtz

I haven't tried macOS Monterey yet, but the new Safari tabs and URL bar UI intuitively seems like a usability no-no. Unpredictable location of a UI elements? Adding clicks for commonly used functions? Loss of color recognition signals in identifying UI elements? None of these things sound like a good idea in terms of UI design. Smells like form over function. Will I change my mind once I've tried it? We shall see.

Well it took 36 hours but my 2nd dose side effects did subside. That was unusual for me since I rarely get sick and I can only remember one flu vaccine that made me feel down for a day but not like this. So glad it's done!

Whoa they weren’t kidding that the second vaccine dose might come with more side effects. I got all of them today. Sore arm, weakness, headache, aches, fever. I hope tomorrow will be easier.

I got my second vaccine shot tonight. The nurse who administered it was so lively and happy. She was going down the aisle of people waiting, approaching each one as if they were the first person she was giving the vaccine to, not like she had done this thousands of times already. Truly a humbling and enjoyable experience. Thank you to all the healthcare workers out there! ❤️

This is the gift card you get for Father’s Day after you happened to watch Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility with your smart ass daughter. 😂

Finally Firefox has pleasurable and distinctive tabs. Took a while but we got there!

I’m not quite sure but I think I detect a consensus for uBlock Origin. 😄

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Hey peeps, what's a good ad/tracker blocker for Firefox that doesn't do unethical deals behind the scenes?

(I already use the strict setting.)

Basically I'm looking for equivalents to Better Blocker, 1Blocker, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials that I use with Safari.

As a general privacy and safety rule of thumb, I don't browse the web while logged in and I don't use social login. That means when I go to a site, I log in with email and password, do my thing, log out. Nobody needs to know when I'm logging in somewhere, nor where I'm browsing to after that, thanks.

But then there is Medium:

"Medium does not support passwords."

Sure, the proliferation of accounts and passwords is a pain, but these alternatives are not the solution.

Great plea from Lauren Goode to let people control what memories we want to be reminded of, if any at all:

“The internet is clever, but it’s not always smart. It’s personalized, but not personal. It lures you in with a timeline, then fucks with your concept of time. It doesn’t know or care whether you actually had a miscarriage, got married, moved out, or bought the sneakers.”

I wish someone made flip phones cool again. Seriously. Look at a smartphone today. Cut it in two, slap a hinge between the top and bottom, et voilà. Same concept as the cheap flip phones of old, but with two screens, one for the display and one for the input (keypad, keyboard, etc). If Apple made one that only supported calling, texting, notifications for say $300? I would totally buy it.

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There's a new Mark Rober, Squirrel Obstacle Course video, and it is (geeky) but adorable!

Why doesn't Firefox have an easy way to switch between profiles like Chrome does?

I'm on macOS so I wrote an applet that launches the profile manager:

/Applications/ -p &> /dev/null &

However I still feel like I'm missing something?

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