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Just a reminder, please don't ask me about my employer, about any of the news around them, or about any of the decisions they made, as I will not answer them.

If you harass me over decisions that they made because I work for them, I will instantly block and report for harassment.

If you don't know where I work, I won't be talking about it. If you find out through other sites or sources, please re-read this toot.

Thanks for understanding!

Baby's first zsh autocompletes, making launchable via command line. [sound warning]

Nerd advisory: I have changed my PGP key.

It's on key servers, Keybase, WKD, and my website.

If you don't know what this means, ignore this.

I found a CRT TV at Goodwill and now I can play all my old games properly. Even has a built in DVD player!

A TV show that was a sitcom or romantic comedy, that was advertised as a normal show, BUT after a few episodes you start to notice background characters acting strange, and by like episode 7 the whole thing has turned into Shaun of the Dead, but you never saw it coming through advertising or marketing.

I really want to use Ember Octane in a thing. I'm at a point for my website backend where I need to commit to React (which I already have infrastructure for but no content) or rip it out and switch.

With the long weekend coming up, I fully intend to play a Very Long Strategy Game. Last time I did a Civ 6 run through. Not sure what to do next, I have so many options and I have until Wednesday to decide. Stellaris, Master of Orion, Crusader Kings 2, Offworld Trading Company, Aurora, Rise of Industry, the list goes on and on.

Looks like I should have support for IndieWeb RSVPs ( finally added to my website before next week’s Homebrew Website Club. 🎉

Using this opportunity to give KDE Plasma another shake. Working through fun and exciting things like what might be causing this font corruption.

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Phew. It looks like Windows didn't destroy the entire drive, it just destroyed the EFI system partition that the bootloader was relying on. Because the windows install failed because the M.2 drive slot is dead. So I can reinstall Windows with the M.2 drive moved, and use it's ESP for Linux, and hopefully get running again.

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"why use Linux on the desktop, it is a shitshow" and yet

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A couple years ago, I was dual booting OS X and Linux and OS X did the same thing. Why are Apple and Microsoft so terrible at building OSes that just sit quietly on their own hard drives and don't fuck with the rest of my computer?

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It would appear that in the process of installing Windows, Microsoft has destroyed my Linux partition. I am not happy about this and am considering setting all computers everywhere on fire.

Very excited that Funkwhale 0.20 now supports AAC files, so I now have my full library up and running on my home server with it. Now I just need apps for it that don't suck.

Starting to think about how to build out other content types into my website. It's all built on Gatsby right now so that does limit how much I can scale things at present (it can't do incremental builds, it has to rebuild the entire site every time), so I can't really do the kinds of things I want like import my entire Twitter archive.

The Office (sp) 

Why. In the hell. Would David Wallace. Buy back Dunder Mifflin.

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