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Just a reminder, please don't ask me about my employer, about any of the news around them, or about any of the decisions they made, as I will not answer them.

If you harass me over decisions that they made because I work for them, I will instantly block and report for harassment.

If you don't know where I work, I won't be talking about it. If you find out through other sites or sources, please re-read this toot.

Thanks for understanding!

Hello! Macrocosm is an in-development Mac fediverse client by @stevestreza. There is no release ETA or beta yet.

The goal is to build and design the most Mac app imaginable, as if Apple built it themselves, taking advantage of as many features of the Mac while sticking to the Apple's design guidelines as closely as possible.

Thank you for checking out the page, please consider following for updates.

I created an account for my Mac fediverse app, which I'm now naming Macrocosm. You can find it here: @macrocosm

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I created an account for my Mac fediverse app, which I'm now naming Macrocosm. You can find it here: @macrocosm

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Initial pass at a notifications stream, inspired by the standard Mastodon web UI.

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I probably ought to put up an account for this app somewhere, huh. Probably get a real name for it too.

Fediverse doesn't have a great solution for self-hosted accounts as far as I can tell.

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Here’s why NFTs are going to be a really big deal and are a good thing: .

Since I'm getting a 3D printer soon that means I actually need to learn to, like, model stuff. So I've got the calipers out and am recreating a 3DS cartridge. Still some edges to taper off.

Doing a weekend personal coding project for a little web app. Instead of jumping straight into a big browser rendering framework, I’m just going with server-side Handlebars rendering, and boy is everything simpler.

When Gordon Ramsay describes making a beef wellington as “easy” it turns out he is full of shit

I don’t know why I keep punishing myself with Swift code that bridges to C, because life is suffering here in UnsafeMutablePointer hell.

Skin transplant complete! A new case has been installed and the Joy-Con parts have been moved over. I broke one of the ribbon cable retaining clips so I had to rig one with a bit of electrical tape, which I would not be surprised to find fail down the road, but it works for now!

The downside of re-casing your Switch in translucent purple plastic is that the material isn’t... great. And after a year of wear the screw hole has just snapped, which caused a cascading failure to pull another screw hole out.

Needless self-serving complaining about a specific SwiftUI view 

TextEditor in SwiftUI 2 feels like they had big plans for it, none of it ended up being ready, and so they boxed up the basics and shipped it with exactly one API, for getting the string in/out. It is unusable for anything other than multi-line text entry. And as a result it probably should’ve just been rolled into TextField API with a nil lineLimit.

Celeste Chapter 9 

This is probably the most timing sensitive video game I’ve ever played. Even watching step by step walkthroughs, things are happening so fast my brain can’t comprehend what’s going on. This game is amazing.

Cooking, food 

I make an incredibly good beef stew, but I need to get faster at prepping the veggies for mirepoix, I am way too slow at it. But the result is so worth it.

Spider-Man Miles on PS5 is excellent. The shorter game make the story tighter and more focused and I’m way more invested in it as a result.

Obviously not shippable but it’s always a treat to see how much of an app you can move from Mac to iPhone with zero effort.

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