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Just a reminder, please don't ask me about my employer, about any of the news around them, or about any of the decisions they made, as I will not answer them.

If you harass me over decisions that they made because I work for them, I will instantly block and report for harassment.

If you don't know where I work, I won't be talking about it. If you find out through other sites or sources, please re-read this toot.

Thanks for understanding!

Alright. I'm gonna do it. After like 18 years on Bash, I'm switching to the Fish shell.

Man they really just slapped Vaan into Final Fantasy 12's already written story and called it good.

I make this realization every time I go to play FF12 but every time beforehand I tell myself it wasn't as bad as I remember and then it is.

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In tonight's game of RimWorld, my tesla coil electrocuted a raging pig, causing it to catch fire next to my base and burn down a bunch of my crops.

Got dropped into a strike in Destiny 2. The very end. Literally fired one shot before the end of the boss. But hey, got the daily.

You would think that being sleep deprived and a walking zombie would make taking a nap easy and not just flopping around in bed for two hours, but of course brains don't work like that.

Looks like Emby has gone down the path that Plex did and went from open source to proprietary, and now they've shoved nagware into their apps to harass you into buying their $50/year subscription. What a disappointment.

It is so big we are trying to cut it, but it does not want to be cut.

Abby and I are about to split this half-pound Reese's cup. iPhone SE for scale.

Oh wow, that Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. As someone who worked conventions, I certainly understand the sense of "everything is falling apart until the last minute", but wow there was some serious delusion among their staff, actual fraud notwithstanding.

Few games feel as good to master as old-school Sonic games.

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And if you were confused by the latest random statuses I was posting: I was using them to test custom emoji support on my Mastodon client for macOS that's under development.

Cocoa can be a bit rough to work with at times, but the results are always great!

The modular synth continues to grow. Now with a clock, a clock divider, a drum machine, and an expansion to my envelope generator.

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