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Just a reminder, please don't ask me about my employer, about any of the news around them, or about any of the decisions they made, as I will not answer them.

If you harass me over decisions that they made because I work for them, I will instantly block and report for harassment.

If you don't know where I work, I won't be talking about it. If you find out through other sites or sources, please re-read this toot.

Thanks for understanding!

Here is The Thing working. A fully remote VTuber setup, where the person behind the screen is two states away, the VTuber locally has no streaming artifacts or anything like that, and the latency is so low that chatting is possible. I'm stunned at how well this works in practice.

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.


- I'm an iOS engineer on Microsoft Teams, previously Tumblr and Pocket
- I live in the Seattle area with my wife (, a comic illustrator for Aggretsuko et al, and our cat
- I play a lot of video games, esp. Final Fantasy XIV (Faerie)
- I watch a lot of Seattle Sounders soccer
- I'm trying to move away from Corporate Tech towards open source community-driven tools, and learning GTK4 to build Linux apps
- I'm pansexual with he/they pronouns 🏳️‍🌈

The downside of any exodus from hell site is the influx of people who are loudly upset that Mastodon doesn't behave exactly like hell site, or start shouting about getting their hell site apps bolted onto here. Please respect the ecosystem.

So you just arrived here from twitter and it's quiet. Real quiet. That's because there's no algorithm here designed to drive engagement(which equals profit).

Here, you are the algorithm. It's up to you to find and follow people that are interesting to you. You can also see who they follow and who else follows them, as you build it up, it gets more interesting.

Also, if you find people you don't like or entire instances you don't like, you can mute or block them. You are in control.

After a few days of figuring out WebRTC, I have Built A Thing for it. This weekend, my partner is going to be at a convention in San Jose. Remotely, as a VTuber. She's going to remain here at home in Seattle.

To do this, I've got an Electron app running Node.js code to forward the face-tracking data and mic audio over WebRTC to a laptop at the convention running VTube Studio. The app forwards back a webcam audio/video feed.

Real-time chat with a VTuber in perfect quality and very low latency.

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I am quickly becoming a "forget the rest of the game, I am now a crafting god" player in Final Fantasy XIV.

FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


“Michael Tsai - Blog - App Store Removing Old Apps That Still Work”

An overview of Apple’s latest instance of self-sabotage.

Here are the DigitalOcean graphs for over the past 7 days, and the past 24 hours. Yesterday required us to rebalance our resource utilization (before this week, we were over-provisioned and were preparing to decrease server resources to save costs 😅).

I think we're in an okay spot. We don't have a lot of headroom left. Fingers crossed today. We may need to close new registrations, but we'll be upfront if we make that decision.

Also, maybe this is just me talking but please don't set up a Twitter-to-Mastodon cross posting script. What ends up happening is people set it up, then stop coming back, but their bot keeps posting away while people have no actual presence here.

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There are official Mastodon apps for iOS and Android... But also, this isn't a silo, you can download 3rd party apps too, that's ok here. I use Tusky on Android and Mast on iOS, but there's a bunch out there.

WebRTC is fucking absurdly cool and I wish I had more use cases for it.

I've had a filament 3D printer for a year and a half and it still feels like some Jetsons shit to make a model and then a few hours later it's a real physical thing.

Docker is great, except for once every 13 months it completely ruins my night.

Steam Deck + 3D printed stand + front facing speakers + Jellyfin. Very nice setup.

One thing that is deeply annoying about Electron apps that is probably only a problem for like 10 people is that they use Chrome which defaults to DNS-over-HTTPS which bypasses local DNS so any stuff you change at my router doesn't get picked up so internal routes don't work in Electron apps and I hate the sequence of things that went wrong to make this problem known to me

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