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We will NEVER RECOVER our Digital Privacy, Powers, Freedom & Anonymity WITHOUT Free FPGA based integrated circuits.

Chanvre, le choc des cultures :

Capable de croître sans pesticide, Cannabis sativa L. répond aux défis écologiques. Le bâtiment et le textile recherchent ses fibres, quand ses propriétés relaxantes et psychotropes attisent la convoitise.

► Integrated Circuits news :

U.S. Senate mulls $30 billion in funding to boost chipmaking sector, source says.

UNCIVILISATION, The Dark Mountain Festival 2010 : Vinay Gupta, "Time to stop pretending".

Personnal note : Words of whisdom.

@theruran @yaaps But thanks to a well conceptualy engineered alternative cyberspace architecture and concepts, and thanks to the alternative digital systems paradigm that come with it, scaling can be achieved.


Anarchism needs efficient and trustable tools to scale in peace and efficiently.

It's what I call cybernetics of trust.

And the work we are doing is about this too.

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Analysis & point of view :

The Problem of Scale in Anarchism and the Case for Cybernetic Communism.

@theruran @yaaps

Auto-Evalutation of EMF irradiation with painful Directed Energy Weapon « » on me (Persistent continuous 18000 Hz perceived tinnitus, blocking my brain ability to focus & think & work on my Antitrust complaint for the European Commission, or sleep)


Nouveau record de décès du Covid en 24h au Brésil : 1.910 morts.

Note personnelle : La gestion de pandemies par l'extreme droite c'est de l'eugénisme : Tuer un maximum de pauvres.

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