Some members are listed here: wiki.f-si.org/index.php/FSiC20 .

Our logo intentionally resembles the FSF logo because we aim to be for silicon what the FSF is for software. We had extensive discussions with Richard Stallman before deciding to create the F-Si.

The F-Si is formally a "Swiss Verein" according to Art. 60-79 of the ZGB (see en.wikipedia.org for legal details and budget checking rules).

The F-Si budget is currently below 10kEur.


@fsi @maiki@mastodon.sdf.org Extraordinaire ! Des circuits intégrés libres en vue !

Bon champagne les mecs !

Alors là bravo !

Comment fait-on pour rejoindre votre fondation ?

@stman @maiki


We will soon put on the wiki the answers to your question and to the many more we are receiving.

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