I expected this earlier. This is for me just another push to ditch google in favor of self hosted services like

Didn't hear of iBroadcast until today...

These are the best replacements for Play Music's upload library

Google killed Play Music in October 2020, a service many people loved for one feature in particular — its online music file locker with uploaded


The well known unix command line app scp is going to be replaced with scp. Old internal protocol rcp will be replaced by sftp. 👍

Konferenci začíná v sobotu 7. listopadu!. poběží 5 paralelních tracků streamované přes BigBlueButton (příslušné odkazy najdete v programu). Stream se bude současně posílat i na náš youtube kanál youtube.com/openalt/ , kde si už teď můžete připomenout přednášky z loňska.

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Dnes, 3. listopadu, ovšem v roce 1960, obdržel pražský DP ke zkouškám první prototyp tramvaje T3.

Ano, legendární té trojky se prohání po pražských kolejích už 60 let! A hned tak z nich nezmizí.

Dnešek bych si jim dovolil věnovat. 🙂

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I fixed OpenGraph and other meta tags on my website. Previews on social networks should be nicer now. ❤️

Are you forced by web services to do tasks repetitively? Automate them. Docker, Node.js and TestCafe are my way how to do it.

Are you Arch Linux user? Do you encrypt your storage? Are you annoyed by entering storage password? Let's use TPM to unlock the storage: skorpil.cz/en/project/42/mkini

Today i got a security token from cz.nic and by connecting it to mojeid I also got access to czech national identifaction authority service. 👍 overeno.mojeid.cz

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When the euro bank notes were designed, they used European-style bridges which were *non-existing*, not to have to choose between countries.

The Dutch town of Spijkenisse claimed them all for the Netherlands by building them on a waterway.

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Have you ever heard of the mailto:?attach=~/… parameter? It allows to include arbitrary files on disk. So, why break PGP if you can politely ask the victim's mail client to include the private key? (1/4)

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Coding tip: to convert code from C to C#, simply put the capo on the first fret on your keyboard and type as normal.

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Dear YouTubers, can you please stop repeating the sentence “If you like this video, please give up a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.” Everybody knows it already!

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