I'm not really into the habit of buying soundtracks from game mods. But sometimes, it's really worth it.

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Pain of Salvation - Restless Boy (Official Video)


This dropped today. What the hell is going on there? Is it a sampled hard disk drive I hear? Furries?!

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It’s easier for society to imagine dragons than to imagine the end of capitalism.

Listening to lovehatetragedy by Papa Roach

I was chilling, listening to Pink Floyd…
Then Vegetable Man comes up.
What the fuck.

If this sound fucked up to you, just remember how life is way more fucked up than this.
Then appreciate the senerity.


Fuck this song and fuck the fact that I was responsible for ripping it.

Today, I'm just not allowing Devin Townsend.

Check out Long Legs Long Arms on Bandcamp for more Swarrrm and other cool grind / crust / powerviolence from Japan: longlegslongarms.bandcamp.com/

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