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All these people screaming about Antifa on Twitter (and, sadly, parts of the #fediverse)...
You do realise that by designating Antifa as a terrorist organisation because they oppose, you out yourselves as AntiAntifa.
Also known as just plain Fa.

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Quick question, after a discussion elsewhere where some of us were reminiscing about how we met...
Is there anywhere on the Fediverse that comes anywhere near the look and feel of LiveJournal?
I'm thinking possibly Friendica/Hubzilla/Diaspora, or maybe Plume - any thoughts?

Today is an important anniversary for me - here is a fairly long, but horribly honest piece about why.
A lot of people didn't feel they could support me in this, in some cases pushing me to go against the decision I had made - they have been surgically excised from my life.
Many others have given me their full support - to those people, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you will never know what it means to have you accept me as I am now, rather than as I was then.

Dear , could you please have a look at your bank account, and check that the extra £350 Million we promised you has arrived?
The people of the UK.

A quick message for those who complain that there isn't an International Men's Day, as a counterpart to International Women's Day.

Rather impressed with myself tonight.
You know my wild n wacky theories about what is really going on in various TV shows?
Well, I just figured out the twist in Elementary S1, with about 4 episodes to go.
And was proved right, in spectacular fashion.
I wouldn't want to spoil the first season of a show that just finished its 7th season, but boy was I right!
Although I thought they would spin it out a bit longer, probably to halfway through S2.
But hey, I've got to get something wrong! *smug grin*

Note to self - when trying out a multi-account desktop Masto client, make sure you know which account is highlighted...


Continuing a custom dating back way in to the mists of time, the EU has offered the UK the traditional (and largely symbolic) "Brexit Extension", this time until 31st January 2020.
On a related note, if anyone lives near a ditch, could you just nip out and see if Boris is okay?

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Oh dear.
Mother is pissed at me - apparently, she has sent me a load of messages, and I haven't replied to a single one.
Probably something to do with the fact I refuse to have FB Messenger on my phone, and I won't use it on the computer either.
It doesn't matter how often I explain this, or how often I tell her to phone, text, or email, this keeps coming up.

implied nudity, bath time 

I remember the days when, even as an adult, I could run myself a bath, fill it almost to the brim, and jump in, creating barely a ripple.
Nowadays, even if I only fill it half way, I still have to empty some out, and getting in (and back out afterwards) sets off something that resembles a tidal wave.

So, I have a small favour to ask of any Trans/enby folx out there - anyone fancy reading through a small piece, just to make sure I'm not sending out the wrong message or revealing any unconcious biases?
Having seen After Life would be a bonus, but not neccesary...

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And here's the thing - the first piece that is pretty much ready to go is a tricky one, in that I want to show support for a marginalised community, but, not being a member OF that community, I'm worried about my words being misconstrued or taken the wrong way.

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Well, I'm back online (at least with this alt! - been busy with a project, and haven't had the spoons to deal with anything beyond that.), and looking at getting back in to writing.
I have a web site set up, and everything, I have some pieces of writing more-or-less ready to go, with another couple of bits that just need finalising, all I need to do is convince myself that what I have to say is ready for public consumption, is good enough to actually put out there.

Oh, wow!
The Mueller Report is on Amazon UK for £11. 45 in paperback - or 49p for the Kindle version.

Tonight is the official State Banquet for Donald Trump.
Given the fact that he is a teetotaler, and his famous love of anything burger related, am I the only one hoping the catering has been outsourced to McDonald's?
I'm also hoping Liz toasts him with a strawberry shake... ;)

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Just wondering - has anyone tried
Looking to self host ~20 email accounts over 6 domains...

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Well, I made it to 9pm without killing anyone - and you know what that means, don't you!
2 1/2 weeks off!!!
Yeah baby!

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Tech stuff, to do list 

(Still won't get it done this weekend, though!)
#1 is nearly done.
#2 & 3 are well under way
#4 will take 5 minutes tonight
#5 & 6 I will get around to in a couple of minutes... ;)

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