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Just wondering - has anyone tried
Looking to self host ~20 email accounts over 6 domains...

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Well, I made it to 9pm without killing anyone - and you know what that means, don't you!
2 1/2 weeks off!!!
Yeah baby!

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Excited cry from downstairs this morning...
"Your AncestryDNA results have arrived!"
Thats me not seeing my wife for a couple of weeks then, as she wades through all of these new leads...

One of the great joys is scrolling through your Masto feed and seeing someone boosting something from one of your Alts...
Someone likes my stuff!

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Not sure if it failed before because I tried installg it on ARM64 rather than x86_64, or I tried using Nginx rather than Apache, but Webmin really is a thing of wonder!

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Watched all 4 Short Treks last night, and I'm wondering if 3 of them are half-hearted attempts at spin-off pilots.
And do we now have half a clue how the producers want the show to end?
(and yes, I know they've been out for ages, but they only came up on Nethlflix UK a couple of days ago, just before S2 started.)

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The Google+ Exodus has a Wiki

Introducing Google+ Mass Migration / New Beginnings Wiki. A/K/A the #PlexodusWiki

This wiki serves the population of present and former Google+ users seeking to continue their community across future platform(s).


Karma is a lovely person...
She's applied for insolvency, not bankruptcy, but it's only one step away.
Also note Southend News Networks cash-raising appeal for her, with all proceeds being given to a food bank charity in her name.
Please donate, just to piss her off! :D

Well, so much for the busy couple of days off I had planned - about the only useful thing I've done is start work on a GNUsoc theme (copied neo-quitter, renamed it, changed the background colour value to match the site it goes with...), and set up a Hubzilla account - no photo editing, no writing - just too tired, hot, and sweaty to function.
Almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow - I work on frozen food in a supermarket, -20C FTW!

On first installing , I get a warning that register_argc_argv is turned off in php - could this be what is causing this?
Or possibly something wrong with the cron job I've set up - must re-check that in the morning, when I'm at least marginally with it

Well, this is interesting - making progress with my install - can see the accounts, but not interact with them, and can see and interact with accounts, but never receive anything back, and Hubzilla can only see people on other networks who are contacts, but can't interact with them.
Oh, except people on Masto, which throws up a random 303 error...

Just had to nuke the test installation - something was badly wrong, but I couldn't figure out what.
It was sending emails, and could see/follow/comment the various channels/accounts I set up, but nothing else could - , , , even other Hubzillas!
Hell, the different channels couldn't even see each other, let alone communicate!
Going to try again when I get home from work...

Oh dear - just installed a test Hubzilla instance - it appears to be working, but I can't seem to connect to it from here...

Well, that was fun - reading the installation notes for Hubzilla, and they keep going on about how you can install it on just about any server that can run WordPress - it's just a pity that there are 2 PHP extensions that are essential for Hubzilla, none of which I can modify through php.ini on my shared hosting.
Just put in a support ticket, but it is Friday night, they are unlikely to do anything non-systems-critical until Monday, by which time I will have forgotten about then whole thing!

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