Humans no longer understand how to cross an intersection. Every single intersection is like:

Every time I hear "autoboxing" a voice in my head giggles and says "Is that like ricky boxing?" because I've never grown up.

Spelunky is one of the greatest games ever. A personal favorite. Endlessly replayable, challenging, silly, exciting. I've spent countless hours in this game. I haven't beaten it, but I don't care. The sequel is out, but you can get the original cheap.

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George Lucas took my childhood and wiped his ass with it. Then Rian Johnson took the shit covered remains and made origami.

Cultural icons do not belong to one person; take your art-house, film school senior projects elsewhere.

"Executive" is such an ironic title. More apt would be to call them "Declaratives".

Axiom Verge is an incredible metroidvania with plenty of surprises. Fantastic gameplay with a variety of interesting items and a thought-provoking story. Weird and wonderful. Sequel in development.

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Docker: (verb) the process of causing 10 lines of code to consume 4GB of RAM.

If you `preventDefault` on an element with which users interact, you're wrong and you should feel bad.

Disruption (noun): the development of innovative solutions to the problems created by disruption.

sweater ruins the world. I appreciate the meat cutting skills, not the choreography 🥩 I'm hungry now

Capitalist ideology convinces us to confuse material wealth with happiness. Even a lot of us on the left get stuck in this idea. But we can really benefit from breaking apart the justice of meeting our material needs from the idea that material wealth leads to happiness.

Twitter is in a unique position: big enough to do something ambitious and technically expensive, precarious enough to take the risk.

User Experience (UX):
1. A rationalization technique used to codify an arbitrary human's incidental preferences.
2. The productification of a by-product.

Windows just interrupted my full screen video with a notification that it was redirecting my notifications while I was in full screen usual Microsoft your design choices are only *almost* coherent.

Helped uncle-in-law with computer

Computers are terrible

Windows computers are especially the worst, but tbqh computers in general are just awful terrible machines

@stupidgenius They're bringing it out shortly - in the meantime, it's a static web-page that you can read in browser or save as PDF.

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