When a man puts on his dating profile "open to hookups", he means he's open to hooking up.

When a woman puts on her dating profile "open to hookups", she means if Brad Pitt propositioned her she wouldn't turn him down.

This is Wudgenauer, child of Ruddiewski and Caar.
They are a Generation 5 fractal.
They like geometric fractals.

If this flame is beautiful, ❤️ or RT to improve its chances for future breedings.

Social media is an alternate history fanfic that answers the question "What would television have been like if no one had ever said 'You can't say that on TV'?"

"$WEBSITE is better on the app!!" says website whose app is only "better" in the sense that it does not have popups telling you it is better on the app

I've heard people make comparisons between this guy and Trumpf, but can you imagine that imbecile giving a speech like this? Even if Johnson didn't mean any of it, can you imagine Drumpf even saying the words?


- Δεν υπάρχει ανήθικο βιβλίο,, αλλά μόνο κακογραμμένο......

Did you know, that if you make a software product in the United States of America, and it uses any form of encryption, even just HTTPS requests, and even if you're using the built-in libraries of an operating system, you have to submit an Export Administration Regulations Annual Self Report to both the BIS and the NSA? No, I didn't either.

And Apple points this out to everyone who submits apps to them from the US.

Conveniently, it involves sending a CSV form to two email addresses. Both email addresses are supplied as a slightly blurry image, I guess to prevent the addresses from being scraped. Hurray for macOS Monterey's built-in OCR.

If Millennial pop music is salad composed only of croutons and bacon bits, then contemporary jazz is soup of just the constituent amino acids.

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