User Experience (UX):
1. A rationalization technique used to codify an arbitrary human's incidental preferences.
2. The productification of a by-product.

Windows just interrupted my full screen video with a notification that it was redirecting my notifications while I was in full screen usual Microsoft your design choices are only *almost* coherent.

Helped uncle-in-law with computer

Computers are terrible

Windows computers are especially the worst, but tbqh computers in general are just awful terrible machines

@stupidgenius They're bringing it out shortly - in the meantime, it's a static web-page that you can read in browser or save as PDF.

Wanting to drive traffic to look at the ads on your site is not an acceptable reason for not providing an RSS feed. *plonk*

I think that Microsoft numbers their KB articles according to the number of microseconds the URL to it will be valid.

If the police do the oracle's bidding and patrol the places they're told to patrol & stop the people they're told to stop then yup, they will validate the prediction. Like all oracles, predictive policing only works when its self-fulfilling prophecy.

That is the perennial wickedness of fortune-telling, and 'twas ever thus, which is why Dante cursed fortune-tellers to have their heads twisted 180' and left them to weep into their ass-cracks forever as they slogged through molten shit.


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PSA: when in public, please watch in the direction in which you're moving.

I can't stand "PP talkers" that over-pronounce all their "p's".

Smart sex-toys are a terrible idea, notwithstanding the ways that they work for certain kinks (to say nothing of sex workers, who can charge for access to them during livestreams).

It's just the combining the intrinsically terrible security of IoT with the inherently sensitive nature of sex-toy use and the unavoidable risk of network interfaces for servos and motors on your junk makes this a big old nope.


So for anyone who wasn't following, Google pressured a bunch of #fediverse app developers to do an impossible thing and in the end they had to delete their app off the Play Store

Here is a good synopsis by @SubwayTooter

Call center workers pay for the privilege: Propublica breaks open the massive, secretive abuser Arise, fronted by Disney, Airbnb, Intuit, Comcast, Carnival and more.


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Civvl is a gig economy company that pays you to evict people. They're running nationwide recruiting ads.


The company boasts "flexible hours," the chance to "be your own boss," opportunities for "self-motivated individuals with positive attitudes" and claims it is the "FASTEST GROWING MONEY MAKING GIG DUE TO COVID-19."


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