Just saw a perfume advert with music by Portishead, guess it's Christmas soon. Then the slow inevitable death of the universe.

Rubadub in Glasgow appear to have white vinyl copies of Floral Shoppe for pre-order.

The Gnasher badge is ace but the Dennis one is all wrong.

I think what I'm missing about tw*tter is somewhere to put niche crap that pretty much no-one remembers. So this'll do for now.

I think this was before the whole white room stuff was conceptualised, but I'll look at the mag again to see if that details is there!

Sometimes we host pen test whitehats onsite to do some security work. This guy today looks like someone asked a low budget TV show to dress a character called Hacker McHackerson, who is a hacker.

The Timelords, from Record Mirror some time in 1988.

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Got my Autechre NTS Sessions vinyl package this morning, forgot it was 12 discs. It's a monster!

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