i can't think how amazing it'd be if i were to be dead right now

I realize that my only way out is to ctb. No other alternative.

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There's no way I can escape this toxic family. I spent these 30+ years living in depression. For almost a decade I got away, then I was tricked. Now I have nothing and stuck with these racist bigoted people.

I'm stuck with toxic people where I can't get away, because of them I no longer have a job, nor any money or means to move.
But it doesn't matter, I will end this soon

can't wait till everyone making excuses to victimize themselves after pushing me to kill myself. What a fucking family.

Fuck them with all these dual loyalty shit. Fuck them for being inhumane piece of shit.

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My Chinese diaspora family is cheering Russia for killing Ukrainian kids because they think that anything China allows is good for them,and Chinese diaspora, despite not having Chinese citizenship, needs to be loyal to China.
This sort of stuff is happening more often than usual. And they hide behind Stop Asia HATE banner.

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