Following the dismantling of the barricades on Wet'suwet'en territory, solidarity actions continue to take place across so-called "Canada" and beyond.

Those sketch bags over just dropped a(n educational) guide on how to (theoretically)
...'nuff said!

Breaking: TransCanada pumping station in Hamilton has been shut down in solidarity with ,

people in Chicago blocked intersections in solidarity with

Back in 2015, the Canadian government predicted nationwide protests in the wake of a raid on the Unist'ot'en, which they consider the "the ideological and physical focal point of Aboriginal resistance to resources extraction projects." -

This morning in so called Montreal, rush hour traffic was once again shut down. This time at the entrance to the port.

If you are wondering why people all over are blocking highways, bridges and ports here's a short re-cap

Rolling 401 Blockade from Akwesasne arrives safely at Tyendinaga Community Center.

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