New text from comrades in Spain on the protests in the US, and the need to transcend the politics of anti-fascism.


In the week following the murder of George Floyd by four cops, uprisings have sprung up across america, and solidarity actions around the world. One week in, tensions are still high and the struggle has no end in sight.

In the week following the murder of George Floyd by four white cops, uprisings have sprung up across america and around the world. From Minneapolis to Miami, Berlin to Toronto, people have taken the streets in outrage over the situation.

The good folks at the Tilted Scales Collective have assembled this useful list of resources to help people navigate America's criminal injustice system. If you're concerned about getting arrested, check it out.

PILES OF BRICKS AND OTHER THINGS THAT ARE BESIDE THE POINT.... a great piece from The Tower about the pitfalls of protest conspiracies. Check it out if you are confused about what's going on, and aren't sure what to think.

There's been tons of people posting lately about mysterious bricks showing up at demos or being "left around" police cars -- with the idea being that cops are trying to set a trap for protesters by encouraging violence.... (THREAD)

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