Los Angeles, CA: RAM San Bernadino Protests Turkish Airlines dlvr.it/QrCCTR

Next Generation ‘May Never See the Glory of Coral Reefs’ dlvr.it/QrBDkj

Stop Biodiversity Loss or We Could Face Our Own Extinction, Warns UN dlvr.it/Qr64hR

“The Democratic Party is a Facade”: Tree Sitter Fighting Pipeline on the Election dlvr.it/Qr0XMQ

A Jewish Anarchist Response to the Jewish Nurse who Treated Robert Bowers dlvr.it/QqxMQW

Happy Birthday, Gaetano Bresci : Introducing the World's First Anarchist Singing Zine dlvr.it/QqxMBl

if you are in Boca Raton tonight submedia is screening our latest episode of Trouble at Living Room Cinemas at FAU at 7pm


Medford, OR: Protestors Disrupt Chamber of Commerce Meeting to Demand End to LNG Pipeline Project dlvr.it/QqslbM

Bay Area: Berkeley to Throw “United Against Hate” Week After Attacking Antifascists dlvr.it/QqslZG

Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom : How “Nobody Is above the Law” Abets the Rise of Tyranny dlvr.it/QqslT5

If you are in Philly tonight
head on over to @woodenshoebooks@twitter.com
at 7pm for a screening of
Trouble 16 - Conspiracy to Riot


Prisoners Refuse to Compromise on Food: Hunger Strike at Clallam Bay Corrections Center dlvr.it/QqnFR0

In Northern Michigan, Tribes Protesting Line 5 Hunker down for Winter dlvr.it/QqnFFP

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