This is “Afterlife (Door and shadow)” by Sumakshi Singh, recently exhibited in at Asia Pacific Triennial at GOMA, Brisbane

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I saw some art while I was travelling that was so good it made me irrationally angry

Love when I get home from a nice extended time with friends and my body demands payment for all the spoons I didn’t even realise I was borrowing 🙃

Enjoying my post grocery shopping ritual of sampling all the best snacks and then having a little lie down

just spent a good 5 minutes singing that two bar sample from Tom’s Diner over and over again

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Sometimes my brain only functions if I walk around singing nonsense to myself, and I just have to desperately hope my neighbours can’t hear me

Ok trying to get away from Twitter for a bit at least. Who is here? Who should I follow? Do I really have to press a button labelled “TOOT!”?

Pleasing things: the way Mango leaps up on things so precisely it looks like someone filmed her walking off and then reversed it

Everyone else's migraine auras: visual strobing, light sensitivity etc.
My migraine auras: hallucinating the smell of peanut butter.

Ok actually not quite literally because I *did* go ocean swimming this morning and that completely emptied my head in a good way.

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I was so proud the first time I beat the AI. I am *so* bad at this game. But I love it.

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@stip introduced me to Wingspan two days ago and it's literally all I've thought about since.

Is there some way to view my Home timeline in a non-multi-column view, like the profile page? It's too narrow and the scrollbars are giving me anxiety 😬

Since a bunch of folks from Twitter just followed me and may have otherwise-empty feeds, here's how you can find your Twitter peeps on Mastodon:


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