If mortgage interest and property tax is personally deductible, and if repairs and home improvements costs that get rolled into mortgages, so that interest is also deductible, so should the portion of HOA fees that pay for repair and improvement debts.

If IKEA made IKEA++, where they have items that are 1.5x to 2x the price they normally sell, in exchange for higher quality small parts, like using all metal vs a combo of metal or plastic, or spending %20 more for a product to top it up quality wise, or just offer a very long lasting material set, I'd bet they kill it.

You know a country can make new long distance HSR or even normal rail lines, but doesn't because of political bullshit, by seeing if it still makes oil pipelines. If they can make oil pipelines, they can make new rail lines too.

It's very telling that the emotions worldviews card on wikipedia, only one world view is positive.

If I was rich, I'd make a room full of comically oversized furniture.

Transit doesn't get made because the people dependent on transit don't vote.

It's crazy how my energy levels change depending on which latitude & environment I'm in. Drugs like coffee also effect me differently.

I’ve realized the way you stop led lights from flickering is you power them via DC vs AC. Go take a slow mo video of your lightbulbs at 240fps, then take a video of your computer screens and rgb computer fans and notice how their LEDs dont flicker. OLED screens flicker although, probably as a burn in prevention technique.

A pet peeve of mine is how stove tops never specify an actual temperature, but just an arbitrary range of low to high.

I wouldn't be surprised one day that we discover that neurons and neural systems act like a quantum computer or similar in some ways. Or at very least like an analog computer.

I think it's still a better idea to buy a gas car and take the money you saved buying that tesla and buy tesla stock instead. You'll 'save' way more money.

Some days, I fight against my inner dinosaur man to keep on curing cancer.

Can actors and porn stars deduct plastic surgery as a business expense?

In the 1930s, they made a movie called capitan blood 😂

If I was doing a custom house build and I wanted to be a bit on the high quality side, I’d probably use these expensive 99 CRI led strips: store.waveformlighting.com/pro

Now, 2 people who work professional job might be able to buy a house, in their 30s. Kids still need to be 'supervised'.

All 3 generations had industrial birth control available to them.

And we wonder why fertility rates are dropping in developed countries? No government I've seen really wants to or can address the systematic issues like those that make fertility rates drop, and we are all going to suffer economic consequences from it.

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