I'm suddenly very hungry for a really good caesar's salad...

hmmm peanut butter granola with lots of nuts...?

nervously animated blinky jumpy rainbow IDEs are really distracting.

dear mrs kitteh may we offer you a nice clean litter box and would you like us spread some pre-thrown litter on the floor so that you don't have to.. we said to the watchful cat who promptly walked to the cleanest floor litter box and started digging...

I just refused to put our to-do list of chores and left-over unpacking into a kanban board but now I'm tempted to assign story points... ;)

I dunno in berlin lots of people watch feral hogs take a mud bath in their (formerly known as) garden and they're kind of not worse than tourists during a pub crawl...

k3s is exactly what I want as an every day kubernetes for the rest of us normal people... this stuff actually can be simple.

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you know looking at random at timelines of lots pop celebs like eg actors I see a lot more politics and taking a stand than I see with tech/nerd celebrities...

public health insurance recommends masturbation to improve falling asleep. m.facebook.com/meinebarmer/pho they are not however paying for sex toys. ;)

after "brogrammer" and "brofessional" we arrived today at "devbrops" (and I'm very proud now and it was very hot today here.. :))

had a seriously impressive kanban workshop today.

keys found! sunday 11:00 in neukölln emser str corner ilsestr on the streets (not sidewalk) - pls RT!

and why is this so. very. little. code to run a SPACESHIP FLYING IN SPACE MACHINE THING?

looking at the apollo 11 source code github.com/chrislgarry/Apollo- and why aren't we naming files anymore in a very obvious manner... ?!

@soulim sorry late for the meetup, door is locked!! :)

we don't have 10x engineers in europe because of our silly work hours and all this vacation time.

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