trying to move here: wish me luck ha

hell just froze over. a HN thread (!) rejecting python as a shellscript alternative because it's too messy while referencing in a positive light (ubiquity, no version mess (!!))

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Beginner: I'm such an idiot
Intermediate: I'm great at this!
Advanced: wow I still have a lot to learn
Master: I can tell you in extreme detail the ways in which I'm an idiot

O. is responsible for the behind the ear scratches; I do chins. ;)

sorry I usually don't talk about my real thoughts about any of my jobs in public for good reasons but in 26 years I have never been so confused and I thought I've seen it all.. (highlight of my career so far: a guy throwing a chair at me in a conference room because he didn't like my decision)

I also can't tell if I'm supposed to quit now basically but why give me a golden cage level raise first pay her to bind her LotR but then put me in a scenario which in the end (2-3 months max) probably does make me quit due to me having to basically sit on my hands and DON'T run on my full skills so wtf hire me in the first place they knew me upfront AND explicitly promoted me to tech lead/architect with a healthy dose of dev rel and mentoring expectations to bring things forward which I did

career talk be like dunkel war's der mond schien helle drinnen sassen stehend leute schweigend ins gespräch vertieft

had a "career" talk today bordering on dadaism like I literally can't tell if I got pro- or demoted by being asked to not join a meeting while continuing attending a different meeting with the same people in order to work together with them but not be part of the team of them and this is supposed to be an appreciation of my value. got a pretty high raise last salary round but feel like I'm paid to NOT do a better job so that I stay engaged but stop doing stuff I have never been so confused.

I just woke up from a literal nightmare about being unable to leave aws turning on the lights level horror :( something dead things coming alive themed... (yes I'm prone to very bad nightmares)

hmpf. seeing a company I had a strong eye on as potential next job to apply to seems to get involved with blockchain foo. a bit sad; their job ads literally fit me like a glove :(

and pls no team event which is only "awesome" if you get drunk collectively

team events I like: international picknick/dinner buffet, visiting something sciency like a planetarium/museum/industry (think those open door day events) - something along these lines. anything where even the quietest team member can comfortably be.

team events I'm always saying a hard "no": anything competetive/pitching people against each other, outdoorsy-exercisy, things from silly "team building exercise" handbooks, anything even remotely war gamey like paintball/lasertag, anything fear-related (height, speed, crowds...)

I deeply deeply hate if I write something to-the-point-witty and then can't take the typo back because otherwise I have to delete the tweet and I think it was nr 2 on the list wasn't it...

(jokes aside bullet journalling started out with a (visual) syntax too...)

reading a discussion about the org mode format and there is orgdown and can't stop laughing so I suggest orgl, orgson, ooml and surely we can instrument this because todos are timeseries after all so I can query it with orql in grafana... ;) and there should be terraform orgcl...

my neighbors live their relationship as a shouting match.

is the opposite of testing "the happy path" testing "the road to hell" like with the abuser story where mallory wants to break into your system? (instead of the user story..)

I just love fixing bugs. :) simply repair everything :)

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