söder, laschet, merz - schwere entscheidung für die grünen zwischen teufel, beelzebub und satan!1!! wtf ey.

so I'm writing some tests for our new soon-to-be released clusters... a) infrastructure testing is still pretty meh (if you come from web development in particular) b) and still have imho the best testing libs/frameworks. there, I said it. ;)

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it's only SRE if it is from the original Reliábilitée region in France, otherwise it's just sparkling Ops.. :)

rising female tech stars.. but only under 35. 🙄 you can't rise later. or start when you are older. or get back after a time out. or, you should have arrived already at age 35 above.

excellent new defaults & clean-ups with next version. as usal, petty bitching starts right away instead of recognizing how much other languages inherited by perl by now and simply just not use it if you don't like it. but sure, let's keep a hateful spirit in programming!

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oh even better, plenty of Carl Peters ("Deutsch-Ostafrika") statues left which haven't been changed into critical memorials.

so if bristol tore down this slave trader statue, belgium is rocking leopold II - we have a couple of Arno Brekers left in Germany..

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Nur weil das Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum überschritten ist, heißt das noch lange nichts! TLS-Zertifikate sind oft länger gut!

"after a short pandemic break - which didn't change a thing - we're now continuing with our usal program of violence, racism and nazis. we're soon going to spice things up with lots more poverty due to unemployment - a delightful retro-melange re-enacted from the 1930ies."

geht's noch ey, jetzt schicken die spinner reagenzgläschen in drohbriefen rum :(

just finished "infinite detail" - nice one. I like near future scifi. :)

and if people are insisting, "shellscripts are bad" I'll argue that shell/cli tools take three error prone things out of your hands: opening/writing/closing files with encoding, efficiently treating big or even very big files and navigating lines/chunks/columns and pipelines!! :)

yesterday somebody tweeted he would be writing tiny, specialized shell functions instead of aliases like he would do in lambda/openfaas etc. somehow, this idea took hold in my mind because a colleague has a pretty awesome super useful shell thing for one of our systems.

I'm always looking for off-the-beaten-path architectures and solutions. reminds me of the awk versus hadoop cluster article or the knuth word count versus shell article from the mid-80ies.

I was once at a meetup talk generating smaller, specialized databases to do better analytics from a big raw data database, re-combining data(bases) as needed and all it took some postgres functions and a bit makefiles and *bam* a fluid, living, flexible system.

my favorite category of tech article: "how we stepped back, thought again, took super simple well known tools and made something cheap and scalable and reliable out of it" (just read about very creative use of sqlite (!!)) blog.expensify.com/2018/01/08/

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