well johnny still can't encrypt imho, even in 2020.

the usability side of security really sucks and it still way too hard to do things right and even if you do you still end up with a convoluted pile properly anonymized spaghetti in a secure knot. actually drawing a diagram of your "architecture" reveils traces of cthulhu.

firefox has now a very agressive message if I automatically want to close tabs I haven't viewed in days or weeks. no, firefox I try very hard to keep my carefully curated list of tabs OPEN dammit.

(second third of ops is looking on the right host and third third is dammit still the wrong node oh wait forgot to switch branches oh no fourth third already why didn't this work...)

one third of operations is actually reading the documentation.

Reading some tech/design stuff of a really big vendor. I'm super bugged by the constant claim that $techjob doesn't WANT to do $task and instead "wants" to be "more productive" using the vendor's service making $techjob obsolete in the first place...

grey weather so much better against flu-y headache and that horrible bright light...

it's not "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" for us it's more like "a clove a day keeps people away" ;) (guesstimating 1 garlic bulb per week ~ 1.5 cloves of garlic per day per person :)

evening treat play. kitty (good predator that she is) tires pretty fast from chasing treats. sits on carpet in position expectingly. I throw treat like 10cm BEHIND the (lava) border of carpet. cat looks, doesn't move, meows "that's TOO FAR!1!!" and waits that I throw the next. :)

why am I even reading this I really know better ;)

shit HN says: standard of living lower in europe than the US - measured by *tadaa* sizes of cars, homes and food and how do people even get there thinking a "big" car (whatever that even means) is a higher living standard and wtf are we in the 50ies or what...

day of cat: human alarm. purr & cuddle. human up. sit for breakfast retrieval. toy chase for digestion. sleepy time. afternoon I: O. must ear massage. afternoon II: O. must ear massage. human dinner = cat dinner. evening: S. must chin stroke. 23:00 HUMANS DO TREAT PLAY! bed-purr.

imho as brings together an interesting melange of lowlevel hardware people with web folk seems to do the same with kernel/net devs and & sre ppl. me liking the crumbling of barriers and tearing down of (old) gates :)

I feel like a thick, yummy borschtsch this weekend... :)

I hope we keep the whole live video slack channel starting at the one time zone doable for everybody international access thing even if conferences can go back to physical.
also: less flying.

cleaned up tabs in home browser, work browser and phone browser. was 500 open tabs really that many I wonder...

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