one of those days where I think 2 golden retrievers and 4 cats are the bare minimum...

my favorite thing with infrastructure as code is that you safely get rid of your accidental, manual configuration drift and replace it with fully automated, platform agnostic intentional configuration drift.

I want blogs and feedreaders back and not locked down websites where I can actually follow my favorite subjects. :(

days I HAVEN'T said something political at work: 0. today I talked about feminist meeting communication strategies and then about the avoidance of plastic garbage. (but only shortly, ok. ;)

after "choose boring software" it seems to be time to choose boring companies... I used to be slightly envious until I realized how much the awesomeness pendulum can swing back and how much it had a cultish flavour to me coming from a thoroughly non-anglosaxon work culture...

as a self-tought engineer I'm to this day always incredibly happy when I read a job ad of a company doing cool stuff and think "they wrote that for me, I'm 100% qualified" :)

mein gott da will man EINMAL in seinem leben freiwillig mal so richtig regiert werden ey..

I learned THE MOST in my entire career working on a large old codebase which solved things very creatively even before any library existed but ALSO piled up a very hard to refactor technical debt. I took a ton of ideas + lots of lessons from it AND lost any fear of big code bases

interesting discussion about "fixing things" and "focus" and general "handling buggy systems":

the dirty work of "sorting through" or "cleaning up": (I actually sometimes LIKE doing it and I think it's a super important thing in any complex project to do it regularly. it also helps to map out the problem space in your head)

article summarizing a couple of recent software management ideas (city metaphor - hint: christopher alexander is the architect "design pattern" was derived from - obviously worth reading for more than one idea)

read with great interest articles by @flydotio about containers slapped into : - keeping an eye on all the firecracker usage outside aws. (opennebula supports it too)

TIL: "steminist" (STEM + feminist) which is pretty awesome so "computinist"? "programminist"? for us? :)

still very unhappy about testing infrastructure - terratest, goss, serverspec etc is all still in its infancy compared to what you are used to as a developer. puppet (not my thing), ansible, terraform (meh), salt, pulumi, helm charts etc - also not quite right yet.

the prometheus - grafana - exporters - victoria stack is btw excellent and very easy to get started with and only gets a bit more difficult MUCH later on scaling. rancher is a k8s perfectly possible to handle for small companies too and is nice "batteries included".

next I'm gonna dive deeper into firecracker, look at kinesis and all the "streaming" stuff in aws, going to play with nats (I want the full pipelining chain), write some k8s operators/controllers/hooks and more cli-tools/systems stuff and deploy some loki. :)

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