my department I'm working in is looking for engineers. developers in particular who want to get their hands dirty in not so small infra/ops/cloud/tech & feel they could do with some refreshing problem solving (big & small) should ping me for details! berlin, hybrid-remote-local

hm I'd like a slice of a really fluffy mousse au chocolat Torte, like with whipped cream layers and truffle peaks on top and everything.

I almost ALMOST explained myself to somebody mocking that I love tech and work happily with (well ok against) computers AND like fashion as a lifelong interest (I can actually sew) because apparently nerd police dictates you have to identify as nerd if in tech AND refuse fashion.

today I learned at work "estimulantes masculinos" and something about exploring new territories and it had pictures of bananas and they sure do celebrate valentine's day in spain... ;)

uuund 3, 2, 1 dritte welle vorbereitungsarbeiten erfolgreich abgeschlossen freue mich schon auf den nächsten lockdown wobei mein jetziger echt noch gut erhalten ist bräuchte eigentlich keinen neuen..

what is going on with those constant changes on mobile reddit with subreddits suddenly only available on the app or you can't view comments in the phone browser etc etc is this a subreddit config or stupid reddit app marketing?

the carpet is not soft enough. I am CAT I have to sit on the pile of paper on top of the carpet because I AM CAT. ;)

relationship status: discussing litter box and cat poo discipline of the kitty. having doubts if this counts as "enjoying deep conversations" on dating websites.. ;)

"mir scheint, die autorin hat das konzept actionfilmnicht verstanden" sagte der männliche ach ich geb's einfach auf.

we fixed so many things the last couple of days that we made suddenly late afternoon dailies of an hour just to tell each other all about it and talk through all the tech :)

there's a german proverb I usually translate as "driving out satan with the devil" but I just realized that in german you have a choice between teufel, beelzebub, satan and luzifer and now I'm wondering how evil german really is... ;)

for germans writing: that sentence is too long. yes, that one too. no, doesn't matter the language, just stop your inner thomas mann. ;)

h) learn serious focus and train blocking out distractions until you can sink in so deep that your hands do the work alone. and then enjoy the ride :)

g) take really good notes however you like. I like handdrawn bujo style with quick sketches eg to visualize something 5/x

f) accept deadlines willingly so that you a) train to jfdi, b) avoid writer's block, c) get perfectionism out of the way and d) balance prep and thinking with the actual act of writing. I learned to just been put in front of the keyboard and WRITE.

d) write everywhere. use chats to explain and converse in writing, do the documentation in your projects, write reports really well - whatever comes up. in particular if you aim for a foreign language!!! 4/x

c) have your research/preparation done before full writing. for an article I nowadays do all the code, examples, snippets first, then I outline and start writing. 3/x

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