The thing that pisses me off the most about this Wil Wheaton thing is that there is a bunch of us who were talking about essential community management tools and techniques a fucking decade or more ago, and we were all ignored. And now what we see is that the lessons we all learnt and discussed back then have not just not been learnt by today's admins, but the scale of the problem has been allowed to get out of hand. And now it's very hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

@fraying Yeah, and that's why I'm so furious. We've known about these issues for literally a decade and a half. And yet, no one seems to have a learnt a damn thing.

@suw worse, I think some younger activists think that proper community management just means agreeing on who to bully.

@fraying sadly, yes, I think you're right. there is a very clear reluctance to challenge certain types of bully.

@suw @fraying I appreciate both of your expertise so much - is there a design pattern or even recommended reading/training you would give to mods? Are we missing a non-technical toolset more than a feature, or a mix?

@alexhillman I did write a book about this once upon a time. The internet was younger but the concepts are the same now. I really should write an update...

@suw @fraying Yep. I recently finished 6 months of literature review for a dissertation on online communities. So far it has mostly helped me feel helplessly frustrated watching admins and community members make the same old mistakes.

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