"Fieldwork conducted by ethnographer Satendra Kumar shows the membership of these groups is driven by a massive cohort of unemployed or semi-employed youth, seeking agency & dignity through religiosity."

And then there's the soft target in every religion & society, , who as 50% 🎯 are the largest ignored demographic in the world

LURK are running an online workshop on how to run your own Mastodon instance. May 13-14th, aimed at existing groups with the intent to set up their own server: txt.lurk.org/how-to-run-a-smal

We're hiring! 👋

Work remotely from wherever you are in the world with a diverse group of bright and passionate folks committed to fostering internet freedom worldwide.

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Jeyaraj-Bennix Custodial Deaths : Questions About Lapses Of Magistrate In Ordering Remand
Read more: bit.ly/2CDQfED

Person Suffering From Covid-19 Cannot Be Expected To Produce Proof For Free Treatment In Hospital Under EWS Category: Bombay HC [Read Order] livelaw.in/news-updates/person

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URGENT: Calling all FOSS technologists: You may not have heard of @OpenTechFund@twitter.com, but it's likely you've benefited from their work - they seeded vital secure projects like Signal & Tor. Their mission is at risk and if we don't act we'll all pay the price. saveinternetfreedom.tech/

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Vikas Khanna, michelin star chef, gives it back to BBC news anchor.
Anchor: In India, you were not from a rich family. So your sense of hunger must have come from there.
Vikas: NO, I am from Amritsar, everyone gets fed there in the langars. My sense of hunger came from New York!

Your regular reminder that when people* were saying AI would solve content moderation and hate speech... they ended up making racist AI, 1.5x more likely to label African American tweets as “offensive”. [2019]

* guess the majority of which color



Centre issues guidelines for people under home quarantine to prevent spread of coronavirus in India dnai.in/gsyC

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Here’s something that’s absolutely terrifying: a comparison of the age distributions of Covid-19 cases in Italy, where they are only testing people who show symptoms, and S. Korea, which has broad testing. A whole lot of 20-29yos out there who feel just fine but are v contagious.

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Und es geht weiter mit dem ersten thematischen Panel “Visionäre Technologien: Wir gestalten ein faire und bessere Welt” - und zwar mit und !

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If you heckle a man in a plane, ministers get their knickers in a twist.
But when a mob of men abuse female students, ministers are calm and composed.

This is to save Hinduism? 🤣😱😛

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Events in #Bengaluru tomorrow on #February 8, 2020 #Saturday

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#Huge Facebook's Twitter account and FB messenger's instagram account have been hacked by 'OurMine.' It appears hackers have managed to access Facebook's Khoros account, a social media management software.

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As the credibility of India’s data is compromised, so is the credibility of the Indian state to enact effective policy.

My piece w Devesh Kapur on the irrevocable damage that will be done to the last vestiges of India’s data system and the Census by NPR. hindustantimes.com/analysis/th

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Anyone at any age can be affected by PTSD: war veterans, victims of abuse or people affected by natural disasters, major accidents, and the death of a loved one. symptoms can appear months or years after the event.


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Canonical are finally going to remove the Amazon web app in Ubuntu 20.04, thank you Canonical!

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