Jeyaraj-Bennix Custodial Deaths : Questions About Lapses Of Magistrate In Ordering Remand
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Person Suffering From Covid-19 Cannot Be Expected To Produce Proof For Free Treatment In Hospital Under EWS Category: Bombay HC [Read Order]


URGENT: Calling all FOSS technologists: You may not have heard of, but it's likely you've benefited from their work - they seeded vital secure projects like Signal & Tor. Their mission is at risk and if we don't act we'll all pay the price.



Vikas Khanna, michelin star chef, gives it back to BBC news anchor.
Anchor: In India, you were not from a rich family. So your sense of hunger must have come from there.
Vikas: NO, I am from Amritsar, everyone gets fed there in the langars. My sense of hunger came from New York!

Your regular reminder that when people* were saying AI would solve content moderation and hate speech... they ended up making racist AI, 1.5x more likely to label African American tweets as “offensive”. [2019]

* guess the majority of which color

Centre issues guidelines for people under home quarantine to prevent spread of coronavirus in India


Here’s something that’s absolutely terrifying: a comparison of the age distributions of Covid-19 cases in Italy, where they are only testing people who show symptoms, and S. Korea, which has broad testing. A whole lot of 20-29yos out there who feel just fine but are v contagious.


Und es geht weiter mit dem ersten thematischen Panel “Visionäre Technologien: Wir gestalten ein faire und bessere Welt” - und zwar mit und !

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If you heckle a man in a plane, ministers get their knickers in a twist.
But when a mob of men abuse female students, ministers are calm and composed.

This is to save Hinduism? 🤣😱😛

Events in #Bengaluru tomorrow on #February 8, 2020 #Saturday

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#Huge Facebook's Twitter account and FB messenger's instagram account have been hacked by 'OurMine.' It appears hackers have managed to access Facebook's Khoros account, a social media management software.

As the credibility of India’s data is compromised, so is the credibility of the Indian state to enact effective policy.

My piece w Devesh Kapur on the irrevocable damage that will be done to the last vestiges of India’s data system and the Census by NPR.


Anyone at any age can be affected by PTSD: war veterans, victims of abuse or people affected by natural disasters, major accidents, and the death of a loved one. symptoms can appear months or years after the event.


Canonical are finally going to remove the Amazon web app in Ubuntu 20.04, thank you Canonical!

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#BREAKING | January 26 onward, Mumbaikars will have the option of eating & shopping all night long as malls and restaurants in non residential will be allowed to remain open for 24 hours.

Lt Governor of the NCT of Delhi has directed that during the period 19.01.2020 to 18.04.2020, the Commissioner of Police, Delhi may also exercise the powers of detaining authority under the National Security Act (NSA), 1980

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