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Yes, Plasma 5.11.1 fixed the latte-dock icon issue. Those devs don't mess around.

There's a very strange hue in the sky today. Maybe it's a precursor to this storm the met office has been fawning over.

Found a ghetto pull up bar close to my office. Will come in handy to bust out a few on my way each morning in addition to each lunchtime in the park. Tested it out the other morning and all the ladies on the office next door were checking out my form 😂 mastodon.social/media/v7fTi8Ii

Plasma 5.11.0 broke latte-dock. Oh well, back to Cairo-dock until 5.11.1

Nothing worse than your alarm going off on a Saturday morning because you forgot to switch it off Friday morning.

The worst part was the alarm going off, knowing it was Saturday but double checking just to makes sure.

My Broadwell based Intel Nuc doesn't like kernel 4.13 at all. Spent an hour or so fscking around with kernel parameters just out of interest and curiosity but back on 4.9 LTS now.

TIL: Don't rely on your console history commands to be accurate.

Just spent the last hour generating my grub.cfg to the wrong path and wondering why my grub menu wasn't updating. Should have twigged much earlier as I vaguely remember doing exactly the same thing about 12 months ago. 😫

I've been using systemd-boot on my other machines for a while now so the correct path had faded from memory. /boot/grub/grub.cfg not /boot/grub.cfg 😨

Finally found somewhere to do a few sets of lunchtime pullups. Not the best but will do the job. Not sure why the parks in the UK don't all have pullup bars like in the rest of the world


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W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) corruption case is getting outrageous:

The W3C has requested Bryan Lunduke to CHANGE an article he wrote for Network World about the EME/DRM decision. He's politely declining their request and wanted to publicly document their objections to what he wrote.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which drives our digital freedoms, have already resigned from W3C.



Wish I'd put the washing machine on earlier now. I'm wasting precious sunshine and drying time while the program cycle is still running. Sunshine is a precious commodity where I live.

No kernel panics all day on Ubuntu mate on my hp 6710b. Not sure what the deal is then with this laptop and arch linux? KDE-connect is somewhat lacking in mate but I can live with that in exchange for stability

So far my day on Ubuntu Mate is going quite well. Apt updates take a lot longer than what I'm used to with pacman but so far I'm quite impressed.

If this solves my instability issues on this old HP6710b laptop I use at my parents house I think I'll leave it on this distro.

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It's funny how these events just slip under the radar these days. I don't think anyone cares anymore.

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“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” – Tyler Durden

Quite surprised that Ubuntu Mate is considerably slower to load than plasma on arch on my old core 2 duo laptop. I can live with that if hibernate works properly though.

Right, got Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 LTS dual booted alongside Arch Linux on my problem laptop. Seems I was also getting kernel panics on the official Arch 4.9 LTS as well as on Linux-lts44.

I'll run it for the whole day next Saturday and see if it stays panic-free. On the plus side, hibernate works on it with 4.10 under Ubuntu Mate.