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Just about everything that could possibly go wrong when making a burrito for lunch just happened:

The tortilla split and had to re-wrap it with an extra one.

I heated the pan too hot, the tortilla stuck to it and set off the smoke alarm

Eating it, I spilt it all down myself and stained my trousers with tomato sauce

Finally, I choked on the last bite and snorted hot sauce up my nose

😳 😊

I wonder if the UK Met Office's weather warnings will come true? Probably more chance of seeing fairies at the bottom of the garden.

I think most people will venture out regardless because of them permanently crying wolf

Back to working on my handstands, being very careful not to mess my shoulders up. Tore my rhomboid a month ago doing front lever progressions so being extra cautious and listening to my body.

Worst mistake ever, had a few beers and went on YouTube. Gotta get off this now before 8 hours pass and it's 4am

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My one plus 5T arrived at lunchtime 5 days early πŸ‘ mastodon.social/media/7y5MCRbM

Ordered my 8/128GB OnePlus 5T earlier. I think 3 years on a Moto G2 2014 is long enough.

My dad thinks there's something wrong with his laptop. He's complaining that is master volume keeps lowering.

Little does he knows that it's me sshing in and incrementally adjusting his volume with

amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%-

when he's playing his youtube videos too loud. πŸ˜‰

Just replaced my end of life carbon monoxide detector. Β£16 well spent which could potentially save my life one day. Which reminds me that my elderly parents don't have one. Need to get one installed in their living room where they use a stove.

Waking 30 minutes earlier for work today has killed me after that big lunch (falafel burger and fries). It's amazing what an extra 30 mins in bed can do. Should be back to post 9am starts next week.

I did wonder why my lidl sandwich toaster has spent the last 3 years on the cupboard.

I gave it a try again tonight and ended up with more beans on the kitchen counter top than between my slices of bread 😱

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LineageOS for microG allows access all the Google services without proprietary closed software

I'm stoked that the one plus 5T will have a headphone jack. I'll definitely be ordering one now when they drop in 2 weeks time.

I think it's finally time to upgrade my 3 year old Moto G 2014 (Titan)

Don't like how they mess with the clocks. I'd take dark mornings over dark evenings any day.