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The local farmer has been muck spreading again. The smell is that strong that it's beginning to seep into the house. Funny how he doesn't do this outside his own house 🚜 💩

Glorious sunny day. Making the most of free heat from the sun

Loving the new KDE-Connect on KDE Plasma and how the new release allows you to reply natively to whatsapp notifications.

I'm always totally blown away by the KDE-Connect devs. Such an awesome project.


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Sad to see the whole line up finally pass away. Hopefully they'll be reunited at the great gig in the sky:


My dehumidifier has been making an awful racket of late then last night started randomly switching itself off

I took it all apart (that was a major task on its own) and eventually traced the fault down to the motor that drives the peltier wheel. It sounded like it was skipping cogs internally.

I applied some 2 in 1 oil down the motor shaft and let it sit for a while and now it's as silent as a mouse.

Moral of the story, always worth investigating before you throw stuff out. I just saved £170

Bit of a struggle getting out of bed this morning. I need more motivation than simply just needing to get up for work when it's 5.8C inside your bedroom.

Shocking that the patch for Meltdown / Spectre on Ubuntu still hasn't been released yet. Got it on Arch 2 days ago.

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New feature in KDE Plasma: Control and monitor your browser using desktop-integrated controls.

Check out the video: youtu.be/WGhrR1HsCOM

If you have music playing in a minimised browser window, you can pause it, start it again, and mute it. You can also monitor downloads from the notification area or find open tabs in your browser from KRunner.

As brief reminder, you can still help us do more and make Plasma even more useful by donating to our fundraiser:


Made the most of the weather and did 3 hours gardening and clearing my drains this morning. That was the equivalent of a good full body workout but much more messy.

I filled half an 8 gallon bucket with silt and soil. It's amazing that they never overflowed.

OMFG I did it again. I put the grill on instead of the oven. Cremated dinner 😬

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Can't believe I've made it this far without hearing the Slade Christmas song 🎅

So glad it has warmed up. So much nicer waking to a 10C bedroom than a 6C one

Just had some joker knock my door telling me that an old dead tree has red mite and he'll remove it for £280. I told him to sling his hook.

Just been down to have a look and I could probably uproot the damn thing by kicking it with my foot. Probably the same jokers who ripped by parents off by over charging them to cut down some trees last summer.

Life is way too short to build webkitgtk now it got moved to the AUR. I gave up after 4 hours.

After a few failed attempts, including stained pants and smoke alarms being triggered, I've finally got my burrito recipe and wrapping technique down to a T.

Can't believe my local farmer has been muck spreading in the middle of winter. He won't be getting a Christmas card this year 🚜 🎅

Can't believe it's still updating. I'm so glad I changed my phone 😜 😀

Nothing more annoying than getting Christmas cards from neighbours who don't put on which house they live at. I've no idea who it's from.