Riding Along with Amsterdam Cops. Shows how nice of a city Amsterdam is, and that legalisation of sex work & some drugs does NOT cause more violent crimes.


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Best thing I've done at the beginning of this #pandemic, install #pihole at home. Since we are all spending 24/7 confined at home, I'm glad no one in my family is handing out unwanted metrics or sending #keywords to advertisers. This house has the same profile as a dead rat at the moment.

One of the best things on the internet: Sir Anthony Hopkins listening to metal.


Maybe others in the community can chip in? How are AMD video cards & drivers nowadays? I like that they work with the Open Source Mesa drivers, but they had some issues in the past, and my personal preference is still NVIDIA. How is this now?
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@sastuvel I'm looking for a GPU Blender Supports / opensource / Linux supported. Any suggestions?

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Yall may laugh but Legally Blonde strongly motivated 12 year old me to study and I'm so watching it again tonight.

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I miss DMOZ and wish it was an established "you're not a browser if you don't even have this" part of the online experience. A regularly updated database of places on the web worth visiting, built right into the browsers, with submissions as normal as bookmarking.

There are wild foxes in Amsterdam!
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Kat in t bakkie vanmorgen was het haasje en voor ons was het inpakken en meenemen. Dank jullie wel voor deze top actie mannen! Vosje wilde een dutje doen onder hun warme auto...Nu heerlijk in een hol met een all-inclusive arrangement bij Ome Gerrit @DeToevlucht

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Much 💜 for the 🐙

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When you go to Reddit in the morning and discover the artwork you posted there yesterday evening has received 4400+ upvotes, and you see the counter increase in real-time... 😊❤


Python-RSA version 4.7 has been released. This version is compatible with Python 3.9, fixes a security issue, and has improved performance for repeated operations.


He's been smug ever since.
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At 11 years old, Jeremy Clarkson received the world’s first Paddington Bear as a Christmas gift. His mother was responsible for the toy’s design.

I'm so looking forward to Hitman 3!
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We played Hitman 3, and the best level is like an assassination-themed riff on Knives Out and other classic murder mysteries. trib.al/J2QoxTL

And then people ask me why I use Signal and not WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Well, here is your answer.
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Late last year, Apple enforced App Store 'privacy labels'. For the first time, it's easy to compare how much data an app links to your account

Looking at messaging apps, the contrast is quite stark

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