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To whomever did this fine video edit of Samuel L. Jackson absolutely destroying Brett Kavanaugh, thank you.

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I think programmers worry that if they form a union they will all end up at the same address.

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Weight distribution makes a HUGE difference when loading a trailer

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Festival update: the Spring Open Movie is part of the official selection for the @animagoAWARD@twitter.com festival and the brand new @kaboom_festival@twitter.com - Congrats to the crew! kaboomfestival.nl/festival/com animago.com/en/animago2019/nom

I went on a holiday to the beautiful country Slovenia, where we started near to the river Sava.


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Behold, the rare triple whammy FAIL.
Measuring asphalt(!) with a DMM that's turned off, and with the probes in the wrong jacks.

And is that safety vest on backwards?

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Undone - Amazon Prime Series has been released. I have been part of the 3D team creating awesome animation! All made with Blender 2.79


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Anyone have a nice paper or webpage that shows a clear proof for rational bezier curves being perfect circular arcs, rather than just going "rational beziers can be considered conic projections and that's why they can model all conics, the end, don't ask further questions"?

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So... where are the web designers who live in or close to Amsterdam who want a career upgrade? Join us! blender.org/jobs/ux-and-web-de

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Press Release: Open Privacy has discovered that patients at Vancouver hospitals are having their medical information broadcast, unencrypted, across Vancouver.

The data includes name, age, gender marker, diagnosis, attending doctor and room number.


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My heart 😭

This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️

We really don't deserve them.

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How TV animation background designs were made BEFORE computers.

Notes in the thread:

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How I made the splat land animation

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Do I know anyone who is good with mongo and would be interested in doing a few hours of paid consulting this weekend?

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I present to you my latest dumpster find: The mounting position dependent, mercury filled, heavy and fixed frequency ancestor of your average 555 flasher! Better don't drop that thing on the shop floor.

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This is art. We are literally expressing the absurdism of what can be with the practicality of what should be. twitter.com/TheRealArty/status

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