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Webby campaign 3 of 3. Last day to vote. We were #1 yesterday, let's keep it that way!


🇳🇱 Gisteren is HERO uitgebracht: een hele mooie demo van wat je in Blender met de Grease Pencil (markeerpotlood) kan doen op het gebied van 2D-animatie in Blender.


Just released: HERO!


HERO is a showcase for the upcoming Grease Pencil in Blender 2.8. Grease Pencil means 2D animation tools within a full 3D pipeline. In Blender. In Open Source. Free for everyone! Learn more about the project on cloud.blender.org/p/hero

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I just learned about #ForkAwesome. Coolest thing about it? Icons for our stuff!


There's an icon for #ActivityPub, the #InternetArchive, #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #XMPP (!!), and even #scuttlebutt!

If I have to use an icon font, it will probably be ForkAwesome, unless I can honestly convince folks to not use them. I will try really hard!

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#Blender_Cloud The Blender Studio Podcast ep. 71 is online! In this episode we start a conversation that will definitely continue in future episodes: our memories and experiences with Blender Open Movies. First chapter - Elephants Dream! soundcloud.com/blenderanimatio … #b3d - twitter.com/Blender_Cloud/stat by (@Blender_Cloud) -- posted at 2018-04-14T00:58:00 with #RSSTootalizer #b3d #blender

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As a testament to how flexible and powerful KDE Plasma is, Łukasz Sawicki shows you how to create a Unity-like theme using Plasma's desktop scripting API -- yes, Plasma also comes with an easy-to-use desktop scripting API.


@zuggamasta Hey dude! You were once active here on Mastodon. Come back, it's getting cozier here. We could use more metaballs :)

Another 60v LED driver is completed. This one will control the light in our living room.


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#Blender_Cloud We are back with production logs! Check out the progress of Spring and see what everyone in the team is up to. youtube.com/watch?v=krhc-vB8Ln … #b3d - twitter.com/Blender_Cloud/stat by (@Blender_Cloud) -- posted at 2018-04-09T14:20:24 with #RSSTootalizer #b3d #blender

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Seth Kenlon, @klaatu 's pal, has written an excellent overview article on video editors for *nix platform(s), including both FOSS and proprietary options.

The situation is rosy!

Super useful for Linux users who are or want to get into film and video.


#video #videoediting #linux

Code Quest: GO! Coffee, cookies and a Blender Studio full of developers in the very first Monday kick-off.

✅ Impact
✅ Fun
✅ Usability
✅ Reliability
✅ Functionality

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