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Own a hand-made print of a photo made by your favourite developer (I can say that on my own timeline, yes?), and help the people of to fight for democracy.

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Gotta admit, took some influence from this great image by

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I like this kind of openness in a bank.
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Some of you may have temporarily experienced problems making card payments. Our developers are working on it 💪 Keep an eye on our social channels for updates! 🙏 🌈

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That moment when you realise you're about to implement something you've implemented dozens of times already, and every time it's subtly different, and every time you know that writing a generic library would be too much overhead.

Not just any spirit, it must be jenever to be a "kopstoot". Also it doesn't have to be a chaser, you can also plonk the little glass into the big glass.
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The Dutch for drinking beer with a spirit chaser is ‘kopstoot’, meaning ‘head butt’.

Hidden Camera Captures Rare Amur Tiger Cubs At Play

THEY. ARE. SO. FLUFFAAY! via @stichtingspots

Rest in piece :(
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BREAKING: Dusty Hill, bassist and founding member of ZZ Top, has died at the age of 72.

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@sybren @surveyor3 We've been using it for 2-3 years now, it works really well. It softens over time. Cleaning it was never an issue. Some aliments might change the color of it, but never mold or anything appeared on it.

Bees Wrap!

Instead of plastic cling film, we nowadays use bees wrap, which is cotton infused with bees wax. It works remarkably well, much better than the stupid plastic. Smells good too.

If that's not enough to get you enthousiastic, yeah, it's good for the environment too.

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I managed to reacquire my old blender site domain and hope to get it rebuilt in the next months.
More of a fresh start than a rebuild as it was Wordpress and I don't use that anymore, so probably a Hugo site as that is my current favourite.

And similarly, the difference between "I did not like this" and "I hate this".
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I wish people understood the difference between "I did not like this" and "This was bad".

Skyfill v1.5 just released! It now can add a mirror ball to the sky, reflecting the panorama in a mini-planet. Super cool effect, if you ask me :)

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