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Beste @NOS. De afleveringen van het journaal op npostart.nl/nos-journaal/NOSJo zijn best verwarrend. Afl. 99 en 129 zijn allebei "vandaag 08:30". En afl. 129 was óók gisteren 23:45. Afl. 130 was vóór afl. 129, gisteren om 20:00.

by the Digital Storytelling workshop, Teatro Machiavelli, 2020

Made in Catania, with


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I'll never* encode in MP4 again, WEBM with VP9 and OPUS is amazing!

Apple-users just have to download free software to make it work. [=

#webm #vp9 #opus #blender #ffmpeg

*unless it's for the job.

This is a gorgeous time-lapse project showing off the city centre of Amsterdam.


I just though it would be nice to share my process of creating 360 degree spherical panoramas with my drone.



I resurrected the Multiblend page at stuvel.eu/software/multiblend/. No idea whether it still works, but it could. SSH and Blender haven't changed /that/ much.

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Zijn er minimaal 2 volgers die dit bericht willen kopiëren en opnieuw posten? Ik wil laten zien dat er altijd iemand heeft en geeft.

0900-0113 (NL)

Gewoon 2 volgers.
Geen re-tweet, een kopie met aandacht.

Fourteen (14!) years ago I was already writing tooling for network rendering with Blender. Little did I know that 10 years later I would be working at Blender HQ and work on network rendering software!


Geesh @BethesdaStudios, why can't I copy/paste my password into the Doom Eternal login box? This is very unfriendly towards safe, random passwords. Please re-think this.


Thanks @CarnFall for sharing!
RT @CyberpunkGame
What happens when you put together CD PROJEKT RED, Studio Trigger, and Netflix?

CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS – an original anime series from the universe of , coming in 2022!

Details: cyberpunk.net/en/news/35512/an

Alembic time! If you use Alembic in your workflow, please visit code.blender.org/2020/06/chang and discuss the planned changes. I think you'll like them, but I could also benefit from your experience.

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Hi #VisibleWomen #SEAartists
My name is Plume of 🇵🇭, and I paint digitally and traditionally. I do critters, plants, and buildings.

time! I made a bunch of smaller changes that change how Alembic files are written by . Most importantly, mesh names are now used (instead of a repeat of the object name), and particle systems are named consistently with other types.


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