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WIP of a sequence I'm working on, just testing general timing/feel. Next series of breakdowns will focus on a lot of cool mesh based techniques. Coming soonish.

. @artificial3d@twitter.com knows the sound this makes in my head
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WI@artificial3d@twitter.comce I'm working on, just testing general timing/feel. Next series of breakdowns will focus on a lot of cool mesh based techniques. Coming soonish.

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This thread is horrifying: apartment buildings forcing app-enabled locks on people with no opt-out.

101 internet of shit: the locks stay offline twitter.com/hacks4pancakes/sta

Want to colour-correct your Mavic 2 Pro videos you shot in D-Log? I finally figured out how to do that with ffmpeg and the LUT file DJI provides. They're incompatible, but it's an easy fix. Check it out at stuvel.eu/blog/217/ffmpeg-and-

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Basic Web security:

2019: Paste "<script>alert(1)</script>" in every input field

2009: Paste "<script>alert(1)</script>" in every input field

1999: Paste "<script>alert(1)</script>" in every input field

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Day 3 of using Blender 2.8 for lighting/fx production shots. Can't see myself using 2.7 anymore. Collections, EEVEE and Workbench/Overlays are just too good. Found X-Ray incredible useful, haven't used wireframe yet (also because it's currently slower than solid).

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The Marinello Motivation is now live! A brand new Escalation for .

Good luck!

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" 2.8 is the equivalent of the nerdy librarian chick in cliche American teen comedies that whips off her glasses and lets her hair down and all the sports jocks' jaws hit the floor and they're like "Is that....IS THAT BLENDER?!"

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PC Player ✔️
Want Absolution ✔️

Check below 👇 twitter.com/GameSessions/statu

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Enjoy stealth and assassination in our latest free PC game giveaway Hitman: Absolution! Get your copy at r.gamesessions.com/vpwhEoDjFmY. Offer ends 13th February. Get the best out of the game with our Quick Start Guide: r.gamesessions.com/zFU7c7VPREi @IOInteractive@twitter.com

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If Britain actually leaves the EU, how much space will be freed up?
Answer: 1 GB.

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Ubuntu (@Canonical@twitter.com) signed up as Corporate Silver member of the Development Fund. Thanks a lot! We're now over 24k per month :)

Support your favorite devs: fund.blender.org

I'm nowadays exclusively using pathlib for manipulating filesystem paths (in Python code anyway). Life has never been easier.

Trey Hunner: No really, pathlib is great treyhunner.com/2019/01/no-real

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@stephenfry@twitter.com Enjoy the best of both worlds :)

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Halen jullie de steeltjes van de champignons eraf? (Blijkbaar doet niet iedereen dit 🧐)

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well, the "is your refrigerator running" joke won't work anymore because it apparently knows everything about you

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Van de eerste review van mijn boek word ik erg gelukkig: computable.nl/artikel/achtergr Het boek wordt nergens belerend. De auteur slaagt erin de lezer zelfs te enthousiasmeren de informatiebeveiliging ter hand te nemen.

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