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Own a hand-made print of a photo made by your favourite developer (I can say that on my own timeline, yes?), and help the people of to fight for democracy.

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Today 34 years ago, ST:TNG started recording!
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OTD, the first day shooting scenes in Q's courtroom for the series premiere "Encounter at Farpoint."

Confronterend interview, dit, over wat mensen met een andere huidskleur over zich heen krijgen aan vooroordelen en discriminatie.
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Politicus: ‘Loop je stage hier?’ Ik: ‘Nee, ik ben de presentator. Ik ga u zo interviewen.’

It was super nice to be part of this project, working with @Severin_b3d on Blender's new Asset Browser. Check the blog post below for MUCH more info!

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The Asset Browser will finally debut in Blender 3.0 🚀

Check out the current state of this major milestone and what is coming up next.

Public Service Announcement about Old Food (don't put it in your mouth)

Thanks @iamkawehi for making us laugh out loud :)

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Q: What do you say when a #Tektronix oscilloscope is broken, and it cannot be fixed on site so you'll have to live without the scope in the following days?

A: You have a "Teknical" problem, and your problem is "out of scope". #electronics

Dit is geweldig nieuws! Ik hou van libellen. Ze zijn de beste jagers in het dierenrijk, en eten muggen. Dat maakt ze echt mijn vrienden :)
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De libellen komen flink tevoorschijn met deze temperaturen. Allerlei soorten kun je nu tegenkomen, waaronder deze platbuik. Mannetjes en vrouwtjes beginnen geelbruin, maar de mannetjes krijgen blauwe bestuiving als ze geslachtsrijp worden.

I just know that I'll be singing "Put a pizza on it!" all day now. Thanks @iamkawehi 🍕🍕🍕

I love this work! It has such a great atmosphere and detail.
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Hey! Finished the environment project I've been working on, hope you all like it! :)

@UnrealEngine @madewithUnreal @Substance3D

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TIL: after getting divorced from David Hasselhoff, Catherine Hickland married someone called Michael E. Knight in 1992 🤣

This is one incredibly relaxed mouse 👀
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Two useless cats for sale
I'll take any offer

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