you've heard of soyboys now get ready for oatgirls

This classic #TootsAndTheMaytals album isn't very long, so it nearly fits 3 times on a TDK SA90. I know because my Dad had such a tape full up with it that he used to play on repeat on long car journeys. Never gets old. RIP #tootshibbert

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vectoroids vs. snow (seed: 957915154)

If you are looking to get your nerd on this weekend there are some great talks from Aus Python Conference that just went up

People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

(Boost appreciated for better result) #freesw #gnu #linux #windows #mac #losedows

All Australian media journalists have now been booted from China

Stephen Mcdonell is still there with the BBC.

Words can not really describe how poorly the Liberal Party government has mismanaged the relationship.

Guy does a better job in 20mins then the collective work of all Australias journalists pumping out countless thousands of words and hours of tv talking head commentary.

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I just released my #pico8 de-make of Advance Wars to! It features 10 campaign missions with an original story that prequels the original game.

Play it here:
#gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #pixelart

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