oh what in the actual fuck

openNI, an Apache-licensed framework for developing "natural" user interfaces based on gestures and movement, had a website at openni.org...

...that now redirects to apple.com


the scent map propagates only along built stone now. it takes a little while to rest after a wall is built which leads to a resting / cognitive delay after every local block is placed.

Some good news.
Just a lil bit.

RT @ABC@twitter.com

Rain pours in Sydney, Australia, giving residents hope as the region grapples with devastating bushfires. abcn.ws/2QtH9Py

nikko looking nice. first snow cover since 23/12/19. 日光。

It'd be criminal not to share this with you so you can loop it for an hour while you solo the hell out of whatever instrument strikes your fancy.

@mkb I wonder how much further FOSS would get if contributors didn't have this kind of toxic attitude...

Kids saluting the flag in an uncomfortable way 

>One day (...) I stumbled upon a beautiful tutorial on git rebase[0]

"Beautiful" :blobpats:

[0] git-rebase.io

via this blog post I finally got around to reading: nullbuffer.com/2019/11/18/sour

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