Preview of 'Gaza Fights For Freedom'

Sneak peek of our debut feature film, Gaza Fights For Freedom, now streaming! Watch the full documentary here:
-imperialism on the making

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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like

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The Successor Kingdoms, after Alexander the Great's death. In the last part, the Ptolemaic ruling system is described.
. . .
Economically wise, the way everything was being controlled, in Egypt, it was just like a modern state.

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And I'm floating in a most purrculiar way...and the stars look very different today

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#DIY leveling the stairs that run down our backyard. They're one of the various death traps we didn't notice before buying the house 😅

That said I love their character and I want to get a handrail up ASAP

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The #DIY Toyota Previa Bed trial run was mostly a success.

Mostly... turns out Daughter is a bit too little still for long road trips. She was begging for home from day 1, and wasn't really enjoying it. So we cut the trip short and drove home yesterday (instead of today, which is a day off). #dadtoot!

Also, I sunburned! My arms itch.

Also, I'm hungover!

I went out with friends last night to see who parties on a Sunday night when most of Reykjavik is out of town on trips... turns out the answer is "the usual suspects, as well as some visitors who came to #Iceland to test space-suits."
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The Purge, but instead of no laws, for 24 hours customer service workers are allowed to say whatever they want to customers without repercussions.

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All the awesome new artists trying out Mastodon for the first time:

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Last month, Kazakhstan attempted to break encrypted web traffic by asking citizens to install bad root certificates on their devices. Now the authorities say it was all just a "test." We've updated our article on the matter with the latest info:

Honest Government Ad | Visit West Papua!

The Australien Government has made an ad about West Papua and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! -*-

'John Bolton tried to assassinate me': Interview with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal sits down with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in Caracas. We discuss the plots to kill him, US sanctions on food distribut...

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@syntaktis The Hong Kong protests are largely populist in that it has a variety of different political interests involved. Some are pro-capitalist, others nationalists, anti-fascists, etc. Its difficult to say the protests are this or that politically atm.

on the making
'Regime change begins at home' - Max Blumenthal speaks in Venezuelan presidential palace

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and the Embassy Protection Collective address the media at Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela. ||| The Grayzo...

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Like this? Try the 2.5D version here: — it's a prototype; this images doesn't handle portrait-mode screens at the moment, but I'm gettin' there.

#illustration #space #cartoon

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Fresh Local Organic Natural Patches 

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Changing the water on my hydroponic unit for the first time (a little over a month after setting it up).
The basil is incredible. In a pot, those roots would not look like that. I wonder if they are longer or more numerous or if it's just unusual to see them clean.
The dill and the parsley are a bit underwhelming in comparison.
#indoor (ok outdoor maintenance) #gardening

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Our dwarf Shiro plum tree produced one fruit in its first year; today we got to pick and eat it! So sweet and juicy, we'll look forward to next year! ❤️😀

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