Guess whose repo is on fire 🙃

We're following the same development approach @unfa is using for Liblast, so... thanks for the video, man, it has really helped us! ✨


Introducing default weapons and sets! 🔪 🎎

Design phase is over! After the hard work of @zughy_boi , Rob, @giov4 and Graal, and thanks to your and the team's feedback, we can now start paving down a clean way to the 3D modelling phase. Stay tuned 🚀

Guns only? Naaaah: how about some melee weapons too? Zing zing zing 🔪🔪🔪

Pick your favourite ✨

Some colour concepts for one of the first weapons you'll encounter: what are your favourites? 👩‍🏭

@godotengine So, is our implementation perfect? Haha, hell no! There is surely room for improvement, but it's fine, it's a start: because in the end it is something to (hopefully) pave down the road for our and future multiplayer free software games. So, well, see you in the repos! Or just around, between an update and another. Cheers ❤️


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@godotengine Actually, speaking of utilities, we've written a few things on our own, specifically a library to implement FlatBuffers inside Godot. You can find the repo here and we hope it can help you as well:

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@godotengine Maybe you only see weird purple capsules moving around, but this was trickier than you think: Godot and Nakama multiplayer system is, nowadays, something pretty unexplored. You won't find a lot of tutorials or utilities around, and we actually stumbled upon a few bugs in both of the tools whilst working on it (bugs rapidly fixed by maintainers, so a big shout out to them!)


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We had one goal this year: delivering a basic network system made from scratch. Well... DONE! 🎉

Get ready for the next year 🤡

[in-depth explanation in the comments, done with @godotengine ]

Sayounara to old clothes designs, because @zughy_boi has made prettier new ones! What's your favourite? 👗✨

Hey there! 👋

Today at 14:30 GMT+1 (in two hours) @zughy_boi will draw some concepts for Synthetic Stars, live

If you have any question about the development, join the stream and feel free to ask!

Hey there, the source code of our multiplayer FOSS FPS game "Synthetic Stars" is now online! You can find the repo here:

Yes, this is just a preliminary phase (you can play around with the camera as well as some movement mechanics), but
we've came to the conclusion that being open from the very beginning allows everyone to have fun with it even now and... well, why not? 🍆

If you are interested to the development, follow us for the next updates! 🔫

Introducing you our first weapon, the... the... ehm, well, the name is not important right now. You know, tomato, tomat... oh, it doesn't work here.




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