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It's time!

I'm a software developer from Lisbon, Portugal.

I'll be mostly writing about , and in general, but I may also share random stuff like music, or .

Oh, and I might also post sometimes in Portuguese!

I also do photos, some I may boost here but can find the rest of it at @t3mujin

Tantas imagens do Maradona que ficaram na cabeça: Inglaterra no México 86, os toques no aquecimento do Nápoles e por aí fora. Para mim esta cara em frente à camera é uma delas no mundial de 94 é uma delas, e ficar a pensar que se calhar iam levantar o caneco. (Incredible Argentina action and goal by Diego Maradona vs Greece (World Cup 1994))

You can watch it or enjoy it with your eyes closed...

(7 Minutes Of Pure Ferrari 250 GTO Hillclimb Bliss)

O Doutor Cabeça de Geleia manda uma bojarda, a malta queixa-se, ao que ele responde que está a ser perseguido. E assim se vai mantendo sempre na ribalta... 😉

Does anyone else have a problem in finding the @gmail icon in a browser with a few dozen open tabs? That red envelope sure was easy to spot...

Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

Use a mask, use Tor. And now, use your Tor mask! Make a gift of $50 before Dec. 31 and get your very own 😷

Linux Kernel 5.10 Will be the Next LTS Release and it has Some Exciting Improvements Lined Up

#Ransomware is rapidly becoming more dangerous, with attacks rising 7 times compared to 2019!
Luckily, Nextcloud offers effective tools against ransomware:
🕵️‍ Detect attacks
🚦 Data recovery
Read here how to enable protection!

[A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0 | Young Coder | Matthew MacDonald | Young Coder]

The House report on antitrust and Big Tech recommends many calls EFF has also made, proof of just how obviously effective, needed, and common-sense they are.

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