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It's time!

I'm a software developer from Lisbon, Portugal.

I'll be mostly writing about , and in general, but I may also share random stuff like music, or .

Oh, and I might also post sometimes in Portuguese!

I also do photos, some I may boost here but can find the rest of it at

Mais uma razão para fazer 🤞 para que sempre haja Amplifest 2021 :D (AMENRA - De Evenmens (Official Music Video))

yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

Neymar went to PSG to move out of the shadow of Messi, only to discover he'd be on the same team as a potential best player of the world. And now...

Not long ago someone asked me why wouldn't lead photo trips. This is why.

(Carol introduces Spain)

Directly from Mirandela, and many other places, this quarter's Town Hall of @darwinLabs!

How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard -

Se alguma coisa esta coisa hoje trouxe de bom foi ver na SICN o José Gomes Ferreira com uma azia das grandes

Hoje o Futre tá com voz de João Malheiro a discutir com o João Malheiro, é mudar para a cmtv!

Finally someone putting some pressure in Lewis Hamilton since Rosberg retired!

Com VAR Portugal tinha mais um e a Sérvia menos um...

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