Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Visited the RSS memorial today. After all these years, it's still amazing to see the lightning hit it—every hour, on the hour—and then watch as the sparks ripple out to the aggregator towers at all the cemeteries that are still subscribed.

'Last of the The IRS' arrested in Florida, US Marshals say

There are a lot of new Mastodon instances now than there were this time last week.

A gentle reminder to the fledgling #Mastodon #admins to sign up for the mailing list, so you can stay abreast of releases, instance-breaking bugs, and community issues.

And just chill out with your fellow Mastodon admins.


I've been increasingly saying "fitting to data" instead of "learning" when talking about ML. It feels like a more accurate reflection of what's actually going on (and gives more credit to the physics that it was originally drawn from)

Yo yo yo! Remember I promised to write about scaling mastodon.social to 43k users? I did it! medium.com/@Gargron/scaling-ma

straight people: you /never/ see many queers hanging out with each other, that's not realistic

queers: okay but what if 40000 of us make our own gay leftist social network and also call everything toots

Actually, yuyu, yuðe, and yuðeðe all preserve interesting shades of meaning.

yuyu = plural you, the group I'm addressing
yuðe = you and the (singular) other person
yuðeðe = you and multiple other people
yuyuðe = group I'm addressing and the (singular) other person
yuyuðeðe = oh come on

All of these are subsumed by "y'all" in English.

(Mimi is only useful for Anaander Mianaai to refer to themself.)

New suggestion for English, adapted from the Bislama creole:

1st person pronoun = mi
2nd = yu
3rd = ðe ("they")

Combine for all the plurals:

yumi = 1+2 (you and me)
miðe = 1+3 (me and them)
yumiðe = 1+2+3 (all of us)
yuðe = 2+3 (y'all)
ðeðe = (all of them)

(Maybe yuðeðe for the singular/plural they distinction, too.)

scientists spent 2 years training this bird to play saxophone. and all it does now is play its normal bird song, except on saxophone

Hey admins of smaller servers, i have to tell you something!
In the first days of social.tchncs.de i explored some gnusocial and mastodon servers for interesting and active users and followed them from here. So the these where about 20people from random but maybe 8 different instances and about 100 from boosts. Everything else happened by itself. I stopped with this weeks before the twitter update and never needed a bot. My server knows 601 servers atm and my federated timeline is hyperactive.

Take me down to the pair of dice city where the grass is *rolls, consults table* teal and the girls are *rolls, consults table* green?

PSA: if you see a remote toot and think "wow that is an amazing toot, why does it have 0 favs/boosts/replies"? It probably doesn't. It's just that nobody from this instance follows someone who fav'ed/boosted/replied to it.

One thing I found useful is to just eagerly follow people you see in the Federated timeline saying stuff you like. You can always unfollow/block later.

The Masto experience gets fleshed out the more you use an instance. Keep in mind toot.cafe is 4 days old. 😄

another day volunteering at the richard dawkins museum. everyone keeps asking me what they can take through security. honey,

Some interesting (and wrong imho) pushback on here at the moment, mostly from Gnusocialists saying "It's just flat out WRONG for one instance to ban another instance because of the bad behaviour of a few people on that instance!"

Well, no. Actually that's part of the excitingness of this place. Users will start self-sorting into instances which have the federation policies they want. Me, I don't want federation with instances which have assholes.

Birdsite can't give me that. Mastodon can.

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