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@tachan eso es lo primero, pero para ir adelan tando una rápida definición sobre el tema: wk3.org/posts/7093320

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We've got a new podcast! Across six episodes, we dive deep into six problems plaguing the modern Internet, and ways that we can dig ourselves out. You can find episodes of How to Fix the Internet here, and everywhere you get podcasts. eff.org/how-to-fix-the-interne t.co/kAxN4VpLu2

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Using OpenOffice? Getting messages like "This document was created by a newer version of OpenOffice"? If so, the document was probably created in LibreOffice, a successor project with many extra features and updates. LibreOffice 7.0 introduced ODF 1.3, an updated document format: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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For #InternationalMensDay I want to share this reprint of an old poster circulating in german autonomous spaces in the 80s - It is definitely not perfect, but I've had it hanging in my old flat and it resonated with a lot of people who were not in the habit of questioning concepts like hegemonial masculinity. It roughly translates to:

"For centuries we had to be strong to fight for our honour in wars, the factory or the office. When we don't give orders, we follow them!
Violence against others is normal for many of us. Every third woman will experience sexualized violence in her lifetime!
But enough is enoug!
An end to strength, honour and all that shit! Let us finally learn to live as humans, self-determined and in solidarity, instead of constantly asserting ourselves as a man.
MEN! Understand the patriarchy as an attack on your humanity (as well)"

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Listen Funkwhale Audio and Podcast with AntennaPod


FunkWhale is a software, part of the fediverse, for storing and serving audio content. It has specific tools for podcasters, the one I want to present is Following (podcast) Channels through podcast apps.

#antennapod #podcast #funkwhale @funkwhale #fediverse #rss #feed

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Un gran y peligroso #magufo que actúa en nombre de nobles casas como la #soberaníaalimentaria y de #salud para promocionar productos y prácticas muy peligrosas para la salud individual y colectiva.

Luego se victimiza por las persecuciones que sufre, pero no cesa de embarrar la cancha a quines trabamos por la soberanía alimentaria y medicinal.

¿Hablamos de #Pàmies?

Tamayo nos da algo de info


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New lawsuit: Why do phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with via cellular data when they're not even in use?

Ad giant sued after mobile allowances eaten by hidden transfers


¿Alguien tiene pensado pasarse a HolaLuz? Tengo un código de 50€ hasta final de año (y otros tantos para mí).

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"Un calvario digital: Google cancela mi cuenta de correo y todo lo asociado con ella!"
Claramente necesitamos algo como @iuvia_, estamos perdiendo el control físico de nuestra identidad y propiedades digitales t.co/x1Q6vLvPOb

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¡ es alucinante! Acabo de recibir un aviso de actualización a MacOS 11 en el portátil de la empresa. Resulta que la nueva versión es la mejor del mundo mundial porque tiene iconos mejorados, puedo enviar la mejor ruta con la bici al (si vivo en San Francisco, Los Ángeles, N.Y o Londres y tengo el último modelo; si no, no), Siri hace nosequé y el Centro de Configuración tiene nuevo diseño.
Sobre el rendimiento, ni una palabra en toda la web de la manzana. Ni una.

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Obviously, there was a *lot* of stuff on the ballot on Nov 3.

In Massachusetts, there was a chance to vote on Right to Repair.


Back in 2012, 75% of Bay Staters backed a ballot initiative to force auto manufacturers to allow independent mechanics to access diagnostic data carried on cars' wired networks (but not their wireless nets).

Naturally, car makers moved all the useful data to wireless.


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Aún lo estoy explorando y no puedo concluir nada, pero este es un tema que lleva tiempo preocupándome y en este libro está maravillosamente explicado: lo digital es, en su mayoría, basura que consume energía en cantidades ingentes. Una energía que no tenemos. Merece la pena echarle un vistazo:

cc @ondiz

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😭 On microsoft's hostile practices 😭

Outlook.com, hotmail.com, live.com blocking disroot emails.
Read more at:

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