It took less than a minute for my desk to get back to its usual level of messiness

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Shit, I almost forgot. Today is , which means I get to show off with all my cool shit!

Is that some kind of plot to force me to work?

Looks like Mastodon's interface didn't get any better since last time though...

Takes on the birdsite are especially bad tonight.

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Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

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It looks like the job opportunity I was pursuing won’t go through… :/
If you have opportunities for a mixed security/low level dev profile, hit me up!

Wait wait wait... I’m getting a new song by Scandroid and new albums by Make up and vanity set, Blutengel AND Syrian? Is Christmas early or what?

I'm realizing I'm not really using Mastodon thanks to the bad client marketplace :/ I'm currently using Amaroq and it is _far_ from replacing Tweetbot in my heart. How do you deal with that and post on both platforms at the same time?

Installing Windows and defense in depth is probably the best way to get a secure generalized system. However, with VMs, we should be able to ditch the generalization and all it’s implied security costs

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Infosec are in my mind the ones responsible for this battle. The people who know how critical those systems are don’t have the know how to secure them. We have to make the tools to make it easier for them to do so, so the world does‘t collapse on the next viral ransomware

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It’s going to be incredibly tough but I think the next battle infosec should fight is against generalization and the use of complex platforms anywhere critical. And I mean critical in the business sense: _nothing_ should be able to take down SAP, the mainframe, the databases

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A webserver doesn’t need a shell. The SSH server you connect to doesn’t need access to the data in the databases. Sandboxing is taking one step in this direction but I’m wondering if it’s ever going to be enough, due to the system complexity making bypasses unavoidable

I think the biggest security mistake we ever did was using interactive systems for non-interactive tasks. Specialized operating systems are a pain to maintain but if there is no root to elevate to…

So, I think the interview went well. Hoping the team is thinking the same :)

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I don’t think I ever walked in an interview with as much self-imposed pressure as right now


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