@dankwraith yo dankwraith this is kara, i made an account on your site 'cause glitch.social has been down since yesterday morning

oooh, profile re-directs! i sure did it on this one

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hey my good pal @Swiff made this survey for one of his courses! it's about leisure activities and the feelings we associate with leisure. it's super short and should take five minutes or less to fill it out!!

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hi mastodon, it's me, your friend kara

i've packed my things and moved to a new mastodon instance, away from my witches account! i'm over on glitch dot social now at @kara follow me there if you like my posts or whatever

either that or you can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/whynotcatgirls

yeah that's right, i logged back into this account specifically to my !! i do what i want (and that's be gay and talk about viddy games on the internet)!!

since i still have twice as many people following this account as i do my main: i'm over here now ---> @kara@witches.town

hey, have you heard of crosscode? that's a good goddamn video game right there

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Current living situation:

I still need to find a place by the end of May, the sooner the better tbh. I may be able to work out keeping my current place if someone can the other room which is going for about 600. Though honestly finding a cheaper place is a much better option. I'm a 25 year old gay transwoman who works in tech looking for a roommate in Portland or Seattle (tho that would be a bigger move). If you know anyone also searching I'd appreciate reaching out!

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my recommendation is hackmud, cosmic star heroine and caves of qud. i haven't played them yet (obviously, because they're on my wishlist) but they're good games that you might not have heard of so if they sound cool buy them for yourself and have fun

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and steam wishlist because why the fuck not. you might see something that looks cool, and if so, buy it for yourself! steamcommunity.com/id/zyzzi/wi

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it's 1:44am on my birthday and i've lost my sense of shame so here's my amazon wishlist if anyone wants to glance through it and/or buy me stuff that i don't need a.co/2obuZdg

i'm not going to be that person who shares my amazon list because it's just video games and that fills me with a deep shame

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it's my birthday hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Um, okay, one last bit of asking for help. I need work. I stand to lose my job in two weeks, I've done everything I can and have been working my ass off, but I still don't think I'll get off my PiP (Personal Improvement Plan). Does anyone know of dev jobs near Portland? I'll even take any jobs near Seattle. I've worked as associate dev for almost 4 years now and have been working since I've been 14. If anyone can help me secure an interview or has connections I'd be so thankful

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Hi folks, so I'm in a real tight spot rn, but I have a couple options in front of me still.

Option 1) Do ya'll know anyone looking for a room in Portland? Preferably Queer or at least p chill living with a gay trans woman

Option 2) Is anyone looking for someone to fill a room in the Seattle / Portland area that I could possibly apply for?

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