Came into work and there was a spider crawling on me. Something you might not know about arachnophobia is that spiders can smell it on you AND THEY LOVE IT

After years of using Chrome dev tools I decided to actually read the docs and found it has a dark mode

It’s funny that there is a Mastodon culture that feels different from Twitter culture. Despite their similarities, these tools end up creating noticeably different environments.

I’m so worn out and I don’t know where to start to fix it

Bought my brother a PS4 Pro and I’m telling you because I don’t need recognition for doing nice things but I do want it a little

I can’t decide if I’d enjoy Cities: Skylines or if it just looks like the kind of thing I tell myself I would enjoy

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

Me: ok what should I listen to, so much new music to check out
My brain: play Last Splash again

I mean like a fear of commitment. Of being about one thing.

I have started investing a lot of time and thought into improving my code and it feels rewarding but also like I am losing myself

"what are you learning about in flight mechanics?"

Little does she know I *am* having an affair... WITH FASHION

I wore a shirt today for no reason and I think my wife thinks I’m having an affair

Moved two big projects over to https this week and I’m feeling very powerful

Some people are angry about Princess Bowser but there isn’t a Mario Kart character I wouldn’t fuck

I’m sorry Mastodon that I keep talking to you about version control

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