Moved two big projects over to https this week and I’m feeling very powerful

Some people are angry about Princess Bowser but there isn’t a Mario Kart character I wouldn’t fuck

I’m sorry Mastodon that I keep talking to you about version control

At work this last week I’ve had to juggle multiple branches in Git and SVN simultaneously while committing code to the right branches and keeping everything up to date and I am exhausted

I’ve started putting a lot of effort in at work mostly because I feel kind of empty and it helps pass the time and I just feel like a capitalist cog now

I love farting in the toilet that adjoins tech support where the walls are too thin

Thinking about this again, some people seem to use Dropbox as a simple alternative to Git/SVN etc. So maybe what people need is offsite backup with automatic version history on files.

I just like the idea of making games about mundane activities and loneliness

I thought it’d be interesting to create a Mastodon instance to handle the social network part. Then it would be publicly available for other people to browse.

Another idea for a game I’ll never make: you play a caretaker looking after a terraforming plant on a remote planet. Kind of like a lighthouse keeper. Every planet is procedurally generated but you never leave. You can post on a social network that is made up of other people playing the game.

My brother has got to the Jordan Peterson level of YouTube and I am trying to be a good feminist and rescue him

Any tool that simplified version control would have to be opinionated about your workflow. I’m not sure I have a solid idea about what people need the most.

Like when I started I thought that I’d do a lot of rolling back to previous commits if a bug was introduced but in practice I (and devs I’ve worked with) just commit again - either with a fix or removing the code.

I’ve been thinking about building a UI for version control that is agnostic about the underlying tool. Something for non devs on your team to interact with. Hardest part of this is figuring out what to include. How do people actually use VCS?

There’s a world of difference between having principles and having those principles tested

Just occasionally shouting A GOBLIN BABE at my son

Potato salad: the salad that somehow got through the definition

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