Although I guess it’s nice to have something I’m doing just for me

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I’m building my own HTML and JavaScript based engine for ASCII roguelikes and when I’m done I feel like no one’s going to care but me

Rightmost browser tabs: Froth. Inquiries and frivolities. Could be closed at any moment

Middle tabs: The heartland of tabs. Stolid standbys. Nearest to what I’m actually working on

Leftmost: Whispers of a bygone era. Context ancient, unknowable. These tabs will never be closed

I can’t seem to find an iOS Mastodon client that I like. Please don’t make me write my own. I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m sorry I neglect you Masto but there’s only about two people who interact with me on here and one of them unfollowed me

A smarthome concept that wasn't absolute hell: the mid-80s Soviet SPHINX project, based on the idea that there would be a central, modular PC and appliances in the house like the TV would connect to it via the LAN. Everything was designed to be easily-expandable or pared-down as needed. It was purely conceptual but the props looked cool as hell.

Interesting how quickly an ascii roguelike’s symbols become comprehensible through repeated play

I played my first game of NetHack. In the second room my dog fell into a pit and died.

Apple's hardware aesthetics have an almost terraforming effect: the sleek MacBook makes the rest of your desk look cluttered and irregular, their stores feel like alien temples you must assimilate into the customs of. I would like technology to feel more like going down to a local co-op hardware store where a lesbian sells you a hammer you will own for 30 years.

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Reading the Nethack guide and it can be somewhat... ambiguous

speculation about game of thrones finale 

I also think some people’s negative reaction to this season has to do with it coming to an end. Before this you could imagine any weird or wonderful thing happening but now that things are actually being resolved it can feel very limiting. I don’t think there’s necessarily an ending that wouldn’t do that.

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speculation about game of thrones finale 

I agree to a certain extent that the switch to the dark side feels a wee bit jarring but I think it’s also a hard thing to write. Taking a character you feel sympathetic with and then making them a tyrant.

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