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Guess I ought to do one of these. I'm Maggie, a maker, gamer, electronics butcher, 3D-printing zombie, mad scientist, sci-fi nerd. By day I work in HPC/Research Computing at a crimson-hued university in the #02138
• she/her/they
• queer/bi/genderqueer/whatevs
• single and happy that way
• fucking opinionated
• fucking curse a lot

when do we feel art more intensely than we did when as children we brought it into our play

On May 25th Alien will be 40 years old. Seriously hard to believe.

Last Behind the Curve post: The 'wow, science is hard!' realization with the laser and lights experiments speaks volumes. Especially when you couple it with the gyroscope results. Evidence beats them in the face and they still refuse to see it despite the bruises.

And then there's the inevitable in fighting where some of them are now being accused of being government shills by other flat-earthers, getting a taste of their own medicine. The scientists and researchers arguing the other side are very matter of fact and not overdone. So... Kind of recommending kind of not.

Had to stop halfway through Behind the Curve last night. These flat Earth guys are just making me crazy. But the doc is very good actually. It allows them rope to hang themselves. They literally bought a ring laser gyroscope with the belief that it wouldn't show 15° drift from the Earth's rotation... which, of course, it did. So now they're trying to disprove the gyroscope...

Watching 'Behind the Curve'... Why do I do this to myself. It's about flat earthers and just... They parade their idiocy do hard while believing it's intelligence. I need more hands so I can facepalm harder. Mark Sargent literally admits on camera that he's a serial conspiracist...

I still randomly get the music from Borderlands 2 stuck in my head. I guess I just heard it so much it's still on a loop in the back of my head.

Weird flashback to 2000: Walking up NE 25th from Intel Jones Farm for lunch, Jim Chamings tells me, Dave, and Selena about this bizarre art thing he saw on the internet:

I still haven't decided if 'family values' is code for fraud, racism, sexism, graft, misogyny, thievery, or just an umbrella term for all of the above. It's certainly not about families.

And yes, I know ACH is broken. But it's not gonna get fixed until there's some motivation. Having your money longer benefits the financial institution, so they're in no hurry to help fix this.

Etsy's huge guckup aside, it should be law that instruments (credit card, checking, etc) should be able to be credited no slower than they can be debited. It's bullshit that debits are instantaneous, but credits 'will take a few days'. That's just banks bleeding interest off of you.

Harlan Ellison once jumped on a conference room table, punched a TV executive in the throat, which knocked him backwards into a wall, the impact of which caused a studio scale Seaview (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) model to fall on him and brake his pelvis. This really happened.

If John Jay and Samuel Clemens made a baby, it would be called AR Moxon (@JuliusGoat )
Please read and share (h/t @robtblk94)

Tom Hopper, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Hunnam, Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, and Alexander Skarsgård walk into a bar looking for Ryan Reynolds.

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