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Guess I ought to do one of these. I'm Maggie, a maker, gamer, electronics butcher, 3D-printing zombie, mad scientist, sci-fi nerd. By day I work in HPC/Research Computing at a crimson-hued university in the #02138
• she/her/they
• queer/bi/genderqueer/whatevs
• single and happy that way
• fucking opinionated
• fucking curse a lot

Today's been nothing but sysadmin stuff.. at home, not work. Backups and bad disks and prepping spares and updates and dist-upgrades. I also had a lot of coffee. That helped.

A periodic reminder that you should back up your own Masto account by downloading your archive

I'm not posting this for any particular reason other than that it's good to make backups and sometimes servers just go down

Was only recently turned on to Jellyfish. Some top-notch brit-influenced pop. If you like Crowded House or Oasis or XTC or bands in that vein they may be for you.

I just want to tell you this because it still makes me smile. All my machines are named for Venture Bros characters. My NAS is named... StCloud, because, duh. :)

TMW you notice "hey, my media server backup never did complete, i have no backup!" followed by "I have a failed drive in the array and I had no fucking idea!"
*panicpanicpanic*find spare*add*rebuild*slap self*get backup running*

A flat-brimmed ball cap is just a hat you haven't taught to stop misbehaving yet.
Or you're a douchebag.

right... can't see a goddamned thing... why don't they freeze him... it's gonna eat through the hull...

See also: (it's a wonder the US didn't go in for full levy given our hyper-capitalism)

I hope there was a moment where Ikuma Nakamura met Keanu Reeves and the world realigned into a pure state for a moment.

It seems so long ago... remember Boxee? Or Google TV?

Land of Puritanism. Her breasts are made to feed the child she bore. But because some people can't keep their dicks in their pants... she can't feed her child and it's her fault. Repeat story daily.

holy shit, y'all. Borderlands 2 is getting new DLC tomorrow. (requires Handsome Collection, I feel pretty certain)

Updated bracelet pics to show current stock. All are $21 including USA shipping to or$tarlimanjoppos. Anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel. #maille #chainmail #jewelry #art #mastoart

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