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*slams down can of lacroix* fuck i hate cops

i've moved to !!!! pls follow me there if you wanna keep in touch <3

@Pops hey, can you recommend me an anarchist leaning instance, if you know of one? dot social is getting real quiet

at this point i should just go to the store and buy unhappy comfort food because i'm just gonna fixate on it till stores close

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Think I would have made, like, a smashingly good scribe in ancient Sumeria or wherever

basically using this account at this point to vent and keep myself from infinite doomscroll

SUCKS when the person you'd trust for support is the person you can't reach out to. and everyone is maxed out right now so i can't ask someone to lend an ear

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also i made a joke about how i'll never be able to retire and my rich mom went 'you don't want to retire'

i can't win!!! no matter how hard i try!!!

a policy (that i know for a fact is based on a legal advisor's whim)

that is difficult to follow for users (not listed clearly in the instructions we give them)

is causing problems on our end too, and my coworkers are shocked by this

yikes me not, unless thou wishest to educate me

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man goes to his therapist. says he's been pretty sad lately. says he's been having trouble finding the joy in things.

therapist asks him if there have been any times he *has* been happy recently. man thinks for a second, then nods. says he's felt comparatively joyful on his commutes home every night, riding the bus downtown from capitol hill.

therapist closes his notebook and nods. "that makes sense," he says. "bus 10 makes me feel good, too."

my roommate is mad at me because she misunderstood something she, my partner and i talked about last week, has spent a week freaking out bcs of the misunderstanding, and never asked for clarification

also i looked rlly hot today after working in the garden for 5 hours or so

genuine cw for self harm/suicide, i am ok and not in crisis 

whenever i hear about someone killing themselves my first thought is how i would do it better so no one would be scared ahead of time, find my body, be able to stop me. i don't really want to kill myself but i spend a lot of time thinking about how to do it 'right' and i wonder what that says about me. i should probably get in touch w my counselor again lol

the tiny callus on my pinky toe has finally fallen off, for the first time in 6 years

there has GOT to be a way to make a horny movie without it featuring one person being essentially coerced or bullied into doin' it

a Man is trying to seduce me via the internet by making me watch Secretary (2003) and all i have to say is that it sucks

honestly glad i cut my hair at the very start of isolation hell, the jagged bits have all softened and the one too-short strand will be fine by the time i need to be Seen

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