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A lot of people wonder why Alexis spends her free time turning clouds into cats. I think they’re asking the wrong questions. Why wouldn’t you do this? Bunch of weirdos if you ask me. 🐈 ☁️ 🌙

i don't like this roller coaster and i don't have the strength to demand a change

my grandma regaled me today with an explanation of just how fussy my grandpa was with his oatmeal and it was sweet the whole way through

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admin emoji (un peu lewd) 

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ignoranus, n.:
A person who's both stupid and an asshole.
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kink, alcohol 

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rural gay anarcho-adventures 

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i got to handle some books from the 16th century! i flipped their pages and smelled the most vintage of old book smell!

i work in a library AND i wear a vest with inner pockets

i had no dreams besides continuing to live out of spite, and now i'm cooler than 12 year old me could have thought possible

remind me to never use reddit on the America Gets What It's Got Coming To It day

turning my phillips hue bulb to its dimmest setting in my shared SnoozePod so i can furtively jerk to hatsune miku while facing a plywood wall

FUCK i complimented a cute queer-looking type in the bathroom and they complimented my hair right back and i was like 'yeah uh thanks it's blue' so just end me now

it's raining amazingly hard and i feel like i am in the coziest of cocoons

god i am coming so unraveled and am so tired and frustrated

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