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A CoC which says "be nice to each other / don't be an asshole" is worth nothing and a red flag to look out for. It's used as a quick fix by conferences to just be done with the discussion. twitter.com/HelloMelanieC/stat

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So there's not even an argument of "if we don't do it, someone else will." (Always a very fishy argument) They are providing ICE with technology they could otherwise not acquire without much more labor and expense.

"Microsoft has changed" is a lie tech people tell themselves about some software license when in the any MS like any other corporation would sell you access to air if they could.

Wow. @microsoft explicitly and proudly supporting ICE is shocking. I know they have a long history of government contracting, and this was probably so natural to their sales department that nobody thought twice, but I expected leadership to know better t…

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But fascists are not going to budge.

So the more you cultivate empathy for "the people we don't agree with" (which, when white liberals use it, is a dogwhistle for (a) fascists or (b) pre-fascist racists), the closer they draw you to them.

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And you cannot -- I can't believe we are still going over this -- you cannot convert a fascist to a nonfascist by appealing to their empathy.

No atrocity ever was stopped by a victim standing up and saying "please, understand, I'm just a human like you"

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I'm with you--the idea of revolution terrifies me, although for slightly different reasons.

My point is, though, if you can empathize your way into understanding fascists?

That makes you a fascist.

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I really don't know how to tell you, but

You're not gonna get points for good form. It makes you look like children.

Fascists know this weakness of yours, that you need to think well of yourselves while actually not taking much of a stand, so they exploit you.

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White liberals have this giant fetish for performative empathy that results in you all rebuilding the GOP a playhouse when someone burned it down.

You feel, I think, that doing this stuff shows what a class act you are. Good form, and all the rest.

I don't know how to say this.

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why discuss Elon Musk’s supposed politics when it’s abundantly clear he has no ideology beyond wanting to be liked and adored for his “work” and never be checked by anyone?

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Actually, Marx was the name of the creator. Capitalism is the name of the monster. twitter.com/elonmusk/status/10

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When someone says they are enjoying something, resist the impulse to shit on the thing they are enjoying. Life is short.

It's kinda funny that talk about "data" feels somewhat dated these days because it's all about "the algorithm" while both concepts are at least useless if not fundamentally wrong for most of the arguments they are supposed to prop up.

I think I'd pay @Twitter@twitter.com to keep @elonmusk@twitter.com around to explain political concepts.

It's basically this GIF.

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I am so damn sick and tired of this "angry lefties made me a racist turdbucket" schtick. YOU made yourself a racist turdbucket. You just didn't have to own it publicly until you got called out, and now you're pissy because you're actually facing consequences for the 1st time.

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If you are a white person and choose your ideals by who's nicest to you, and who makes you feel least uncomfortable, then you will never be on the side of justice. That's a straight-up fact.

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Hot take: if you say that you won't be an ally because people don't have the degree of decorum you'd prefer, then you were never an ally. twitter.com/cd_hooks/status/10

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and besides all this, even if every camp is as wonderful as the jewish summer camp i went to, they’re still *camps to detain children under armed guard away from their families*

if you’re defending them, your soul is lost.

Stop asking mediocre men for their opinions on important issues.

Seriously. When did society decide that asking business people (especially those who were born into their ridiculous wealth) about how political decisions should be made would be a good idea?