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Great news! After years of public pressure, the @EU_Commission@twitter.com has just published a groundbreaking proposal on protection of : ec.europa.eu/newsroom/just/ite [Thread]

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Just what you need from your blockchain gurus: Vinay Gupta @leashless@twitter.com threatens to break a woman's arm for questioning his "enlightenment" archive.is/764BL

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How the fuck did it get there? (4 pictures)

Most of the time when people say "Algorithm" they mean "software system". Which are two very different things.

Eigentlich fasst das den Stand der Debatte in Deutschland super zusammen.
Falls ihr euch fragt, was aus der digitalen Bewegung geworden ist. twitter.com/DigiBewegung/statu

Ganzen Tag Lebensadministration. Das könnte dann auch mal weniger werden.

Also so im Sommer kann man's schon aushalten. Winter abschaffen.

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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

This would be amazing.
Hey, is it cool if I just do my Deadpool 3 pitch right here?

Die Zukunft der Digitalsphäre ist zu wichtig, als dass man sie ein paar Businesskaspern überlassen dürfte.

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We hear the words data breach, & we gasp in horror 😲

Then we go on as before.

Is there any use protecting personal data?


And yeah, the Big Brother Awards are still mostly just preaching to the converted and are therefore missing the point.

After a few years in hiding the postprivacy topic is back.

I added a few thoughts to this summary of different positions on privacy and its meaning in 2018.
We hear the words data breach, & we gasp in horror 😲

Then we go on as before.

Is there any use protecting personal data?


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One of mine on and with thanks to Kerstin Demuth @digitalcourage@twitter.com @mspro@twitter.com @tante@twitter.com and tonight's in Bielefeld twitter.com/dw_scitech/status/

The narrative of "the tech genius" (Jobs, Musk, etc) is problematic to a degree that a detailed deconstruction feels meaningless because in the end what's wrong is mostly "everything".

It's not that "we" need a "female Elon Musk". We need to get rid of all Elon Musks.

Becoming part of the problem really isn't a solution.

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A LOT going on here in this tweet, but does Ben think there are urinals in women's bathrooms?

Oh, wie meine Mails zeigen, wird die neue Version der demnächst vorgestellt.

Mitten in der Woche in Berlin. Ooookay.

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Haha, @axelspringer_EN@twitter.com - one of Europe's largest publishers - just added the Palantir CEO to their board. Reporters still writing holier-than-thou stories about Cambridge Analytica need to go buy a mirror. twitter.com/annalist/status/98

Springer schafft es wirklich, immer noch ein bisschen widerlicher zu werden.
"Alex Karp, Chef der Analysefirma , zieht in den -Aufsichtsrat ein. Er unterhält Verbindungen zur – und entdeckt den deutschen Markt." handelsblatt.com/my/unternehme