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Because looking at his writing that's all it is: Empty ramblings of some dude.

And TBH the only relevant kind of exegesis of Zuckerberg's text is to analyze and criticize the things they say about him as a person with - in his organization - seemingly unchecked power.

Seriously. His idea for rating news outlets falls apart by just glancing at it. How does that get past any sort of review?

Zuckerberg's essays on news, communities etc are exactly what happens when one dude hasn't heard the word 'no' in a long while.

And his metric isn't even one the people from relevant fields established and researched and debated. It's just whenever is easily programmable in the hot mess that is the Facebook platform.

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serious question: do tech people know that sociology exists?

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so you’re establishing an algorithm that reinforces your community’s own bias.

can’t imagine how this could possibly go wrong. twitter.com/wblau/status/95446

Zuckerberg is a technocrat and every solution for anything he can think of is based on some simple metric and tech.

It's a big scrapbook. It's a tome.

Whenever Zuckerberg writes a new thing on how he intends to change Facebook or form community I get a new page in my clueless-men-trying-to-explain-the-world scrapbook.

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I especially can’t wait to see what local color and historic buildings and immigrant communities Amazon disappears to replace with the thrilling new color of dead-eyed nothing!

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Congratulations to whatever city Amazon picks for its new location on having rents go up so much that the working class gets priced out and replaced with a bunch of people who have never seen the city before and love eating at Chipotle!!

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How can you claim Ready Player One is “Science Fiction’s Vision for the Future of Education” when the novel is really mostly white male nostalgia for the past?


Very enlightening essay on the source of the term "Luddite".

I am also gulty of using it in the somewhat reductive "modern" form without thinking a lot about it.

“If the Luddites had never existed, their critics would have to invent them.” - Theodor Roszak.

When we talk about the Luddites we’re rarely talking about the historic Luddites, we’re really talking about ourselves.

And the way we talk matters: https://librarianshipwr…

Someone has been listening in on my current conference call?


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it is based around an app that looks at data speeds provided over cellular data networks for internet access. cellular networks, in the US, are not covered by net neutrality. The FCC rules, mentioned in the piece, cover broadband providers, not cellular.

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this story at @motherboard@twitter.com about an app to detect violations is very odd, and troubling. motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

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1960: In the future, we'll be able to take a flying car to the moon

2018: We used the data from our porn site to prove everyone in Hawaii stress masturbated after someone accidentally texted them that they were all about to killed by a missile