Just rolled out GitHub Sponsors for EteSync!

A lot is coming to EteSync and Etebase, and with your help we can create even more open-source, encrypted and privacy-respecting applications!


Introducing Etebase - An End-to-end Encrypted SDK and Backend

Etebase makes it easy for developers to build end-to-end encrypted applications!

If you know of projects that could benefit from Etebase, please let us (and them) know!


We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited EteSync iOS client is now available on the App Store!

Thanks again to @NGIZero and NLnet for their support!


We are very excited to share that John Bieling, the author of the popular TbSync Thunderbird add-on, is working on an EteSync add-on for Thunderbird and TbSync!


Many thanks to @NGIZero and NLnet for supporting this project!

What a cynical attack on and our fundamental human rights! What next?
Another reminder to only use open source software and end-to-end encrypted services. Well, until they make those illegal too... 😱😡


I'll be attending my first @CryptoPartyLDN today!
Come and say hi if you're around, I'll be the one wearing an @EteSync t-shirt. :)

is data! Find out some of the ways in which your metadata leaks private information. blog.etesync.com/metadata-is-d

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The latest release of the EteSync desktop bridge has a (web) UI for configuration which makes setup even easier, especially on Mac and Windows!

For the simple setup instructions and download links please refer to the readme at github.com/etesync/etesync-dav

Please let us know if you have any feedback!


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