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just rewatched Sonic The Hedgehog, even on a rewatch i felt it all, i laughed, i cried, i felt for the blue hedgehog but i noticed something new. In every scene, sonic had a gun and said "if i dont get my shit sucked like a hoover im blowing my brains out" There is no doubt in my mind that this film is a triumph of cinema

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i will never apologize for stealing ketchup packets from burger king and dry jacking it like god has died and went to hell

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reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

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my contribution to the twitter being down jokes:
The sky is jagged and a deathly orange hue covers the landscape
there's a huge monolith twitter bird in the water of the apocalyptic wasteland.
It's me and hell_homer on the ground surrounded by LCL, i start strangling him and then i stop and start crying
"how disgusting " he says while he turns into a grocery turtle

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calling the replacements a ska band on account of the horn sections in their later work and getting my shit kicked in until the guy in checker pattern vans comes to my defense.

your heliocentric day cycles mean nothing to me, i live by the truth of the 4 corner cycles of the earth sphere.

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breakfast: 1 cold brew and vaping cbd, i have not slept for 16 hours.

when you play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the first time as a teenager.

some people focus too much on the "is ____ political" thing as if political means good, when materially everything is made out of politics, doesn't mean jack shit. Jack and Jill is a deeply political movie.

my theory on how mlb road to the show works is that every time you're in the middle of a bad game and you forcequit to restart, it sends you off into a temporal loop, causing you to persist in a twisted realm. thats why my pitcher Chris Kyle was traded to the Detroit Tigers.

air fryer is the king, just tried it out and made the crispiest fried chicken i've ever made in my life, please invest in this.

Someone who has blocked me... Are they hater? Loser? Neither? Both?

a lot of people dont know this but bukowski ended his life after his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air script was horribly mangled in the re-write process

me when i watched the hobbit: battle of the five armies for the third time in one week in theaters

promotion i guess 

havent really posted on here about it, but i figure i should as well even though im not all that active anymore. i have an ongoing sale of my 2 released tabletops, and as i release more stuff i plan on adding to it. I dont have a job and im afraid to get one cause of my immuno-comprimised parents so this is kind of all i got to make money right now.

seems to me that icarus's main problem was flying into the sun, and not around it, not the kind of mistake i would make, just the kind of guy i am.

figure i'll post this on here too, just finished a new tabletop for a game jam i hastily signed up for like 5 days ago and submitted it like 4 hours before it ended.

“Buh TikTok is Chinese spyware.”

Shut the fuck up who cares. Everything is spyware these days you’re just signaling out Chinese companies because you’re racist.

democrats really do be thinking that putting hillary on the campaign trail will be like the avengers letting the hulk off his leash

getting my rim licked clean by the creator and main writer of #monk

oh there are notes on here now, every time i see someones post i will remember to leave a note, to remind myself whether or not i like them.

I've had a puppy for months now and haven't even bothered getting any clout from it yet. here's Nancy, she leant her head on my arm when I went to take a picture 🐍

only thing i have to look forward to in my life is getting an air fryer later this week, other than that? my schedule's open

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