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just rewatched Sonic The Hedgehog, even on a rewatch i felt it all, i laughed, i cried, i felt for the blue hedgehog but i noticed something new. In every scene, sonic had a gun and said "if i dont get my shit sucked like a hoover im blowing my brains out" There is no doubt in my mind that this film is a triumph of cinema

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i will never apologize for stealing ketchup packets from burger king and dry jacking it like god has died and went to hell

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reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

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hope you're all doing well, I saw Space Jam 2 today and genuinely am contemplating my place in the world

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*cocking pistol and kicking open the door to my lease to own 1997 Subaru Impreza* Hop in, we're making Italians not white again

hey just wanted to post it on here too, I got like broken teeth in my mouth that I'm trying to get taken out and it's gonna cost money I don't have, if you can help I would appreciate the kindness shown for a Former Classic Poster

The idea that Joe Manchin controls the us government is what the mainstream political system does to convince you that we live in an individualist driven world and not one of conglomerated control. Anyways I sat on my balls like Mr. Belvedere earlier and they still kind of hurt


$260/$600, almost halfway! Thank you all for the help so far and for continuing to boost.
Cashapp $rwcarlisle
Venmo @robertwcarlisle

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Trying to watch The Godfather, Pt II on Netflix and the subtitles are really throwing me off

Sorry that I ruined father's day by respectfully asking your dad if that thing squirts, it was a really hard day for me (my dad got stuck in Cool World when I was 12 and he's too busy chasing after cartoon trim to come back)

Your drunken kiss is as light as the air
Maybe everything that falls down eventually rises
Our house sinking into disrepair
Ah, but look at this showroom, filled with fabulous prizes

i try to come around seldomly so it's an event when I am here, in this regard this is the greatest fathers day gift I can give to all of you

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oh yeah im finally playing death stranding and it's very calming to me getting my shit absolutely wrecked as i run down a hill with 50 boxes stacked on my head

Also I made some music, it sounds like early mountain goats and I'm proud of it, check it out if you wanna

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updates with me: almost 2 months sober, fucking chilling, and moving out sometime in the next month or so. Fairly uneventful otherwise 👍

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I forget this place still exists sometimes, hello, I hope you are all well.

what's up, hope everyone's good, i had a mental breakdown a couple weeks ago, im chill now though.

I'm lowkey that introspective white boy at the hangout who can't stop eating your cigarettes like they're candy

Kind of having a sad easter, vaccinated but don't really have any friends irl anymore and cant really see any other family. if you are also having one of these days I hope it's not too bad.

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happy easter if that's a thing that holds significance to you, if not well hope it's a good day either way. I put up a collection of little stories I wrote on my phone up on itch, check it out if you wanna

forgot about posting this on here, this is a joke that was funny to like 30 people on twitter, i would approximate 3 people on here will find it funny.

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