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oh yeah i forgot to post about it here, but sometime in november i'm gonna start putting out a web serial of a to be determined length, no chapters up yet, but there's a brief introduction on the site.

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just rewatched Sonic The Hedgehog, even on a rewatch i felt it all, i laughed, i cried, i felt for the blue hedgehog but i noticed something new. In every scene, sonic had a gun and said "if i dont get my shit sucked like a hoover im blowing my brains out" There is no doubt in my mind that this film is a triumph of cinema

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i will never apologize for stealing ketchup packets from burger king and dry jacking it like god has died and went to hell

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reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

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what's up, hope everyone's good, i had a mental breakdown a couple weeks ago, im chill now though.

I'm lowkey that introspective white boy at the hangout who can't stop eating your cigarettes like they're candy

Kind of having a sad easter, vaccinated but don't really have any friends irl anymore and cant really see any other family. if you are also having one of these days I hope it's not too bad.

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happy easter if that's a thing that holds significance to you, if not well hope it's a good day either way. I put up a collection of little stories I wrote on my phone up on itch, check it out if you wanna

forgot about posting this on here, this is a joke that was funny to like 30 people on twitter, i would approximate 3 people on here will find it funny.

im gone off that shit that's got me rotating multiple cubes in my head.

they're saying if you add 1400 + 600 it makes 2,000 dollars in the stimulus. But ever since the 2 of us got apart I can't add up anything anymore. Makes me wish I had a calculator to try and add us back together. Anyways hope you enjoy your check, Im getting adult circumcised

oh huh an old post of mine got a bunch of boosts, been a while since i've bee n here, what's up

If there is a vaccine that turns you into a devil just based upon historical record it has to be the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

I got my first dose of the vaccine today and now I have the devil gene in me like the mishima clan in tekken.

imagining myself in a before sunrise situation but I ruin it with the woman because I talk about how i've been holding in a shit since Budapest

on this valentines day i am thinking about loves lost and past remembered. specifically a camel cigarette jacket that i bought on ebay that never fit me of 2 camel guys dressed like feds smoking cigarettes in pork pie hats.

tom brady is gonna be so happy about another superbowl win that he's gonna kiss his son 10 times on the lips (if he lost he was also going to kiss his son 10 times on the lips but instead mournfully)

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan composes himself in a manner such that I feel that if i forgot my wallet at a restaurant he would pay, but he wouldn't be very happy about it and he would say something sort of off-handed about "steak prices"

1984 was actually the name of the guy in the book, the book's called George Orwell. it's all about 1984, the main guy.

it is bandcamp friday now I released a new single, if you've come into a stocks fortune buy my music

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