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my contribution to the twitter being down jokes:
The sky is jagged and a deathly orange hue covers the landscape
there's a huge monolith twitter bird in the water of the apocalyptic wasteland.
It's me and hell_homer on the ground surrounded by LCL, i start strangling him and then i stop and start crying
"how disgusting " he says while he turns into a grocery turtle

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kropotkin u are fool of the week. honk honk u fuckin clown!!!!

if you try to reference lacan or tell me that you've read him i am allowed to chase you around with a garden hose until you learn to stop lying to me online

keep telling myself i wont be mad about this stuff anymore, but i've been mad about all of this since 2015 and to paraphrase the teens "i will die mad about it"

as someone who cares a lot about media and stories being told that are important and real and uncomfortable i unfortunately have to be the person that ruins parties because as much as the mandalorian seems like it will be cool, disney shouldn't have the license or any license, they're highwaymen of the creative world, stealing their keep

there are a lot of reasons this is true but i think about frans kafka and how all of his breadth of work essentially has to say "bureaucracy will take hold of you, it will shake you and shake you until you finally die a death that is more just than anything you were given in life" and how you just cant do shit like that in a media landscape like this. Disney's Metamorphosis would have Gregor turn back into a human and remark upon how what he really learned was family mattered the most

i want more works that i take in to feel like twin peaks, thomas pynchon novels, berserk, Monster. I don't want my hand to be held, i want to feel the abject suffering,uncomfortability of existence, and the lack of resolution works like this bring will be etched away if disney and marvel gain creative control of the landscape. Everyone will be beautiful, you will be told that you are right, and nothing will ever be wrong and nothing makes me sicker as a writer

alright this is all i got for now i guess, im just frustrated, frustrated with a culture that both willingly gives into the constant dopamine machine and a culture that has no other choice than to relish in it and listen to idiots who make 6 figures talking about how old movies are bad because they dont have a shared cinematic universe

im tired of everything being beautiful and nice and everyone being friends in media, it does nothing for me, its like subsisting off of potato chips, but its the only way media especially movies gets made now. nothing is ugly, or uncomfortable or ambigous and if it is it gets taken to task for being "problematic" because the media literacy is just so fucked in our culture

this is why i dread every discourse where things are not cookie cutter laid out for us critically, we have engrained a society and cultural in which the main modal form of storytelling is people who are me and my friends that are good and people who are not my friend and are not me are bad. i cant believe im saying this but joker, a movie that is not even that fucking smart or original created incel discourse because the main character isnt a reliable protagonist

"i will make a roguelike but with appealing art" let me stop you right there homie: roguelikes use unanimated art out of necessity because actually animating like 150000 different things that could happen is literally impossible and it is better to leave things to the players imagination

if we are not able to get past our purely emotional responses to media and find ways to relate that to a greater social context/subtext/meaning than we are fucked trying to form any coalition of thought politically. how are we gonna do fucking communism when there are people you agree with politically who also basically subscribe to the "protagonist is the person that is me, and the antagonist is anyone who is bad and must be stopped" strain of media literacy

genuinely think the thing that is more indicative of how fucked we are politically and socially is that a strong sense of media literacy in american/western culture is essentially non-existent because of how much everything is just dopamine machines now

you get 2 of the funniest people from early twitter together so they say funny shit but then you have a viewing audience that so throughly just does not know how to interact with funny people

i appreciate an actively antagonistic call in show that doesnt actually want to talk to their viewers

truthpoint is a show that is difficult to do as a live show because everyone wants to do dril to them but derek just told a caller to their face that all moms were cops and then disconnected like 6 callers in a row when they didnt answer immediately

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