I have nothing. This is the best I have ever read. The image I had of Wilberforce laying on the ground (before I realized he said he had to stand there) made me laugh out loud.



It's also very possible that the call wasn't dropped, the person on the other end just hung up.

"What am I doing?" they ask themselves. "Is this really how I want to spend even a small part of my life?" **click**


Since I plan on being over here for the time being--maybe I'll delete the tweet but right now I don't wanna--this is what I normally use social media for: posting about the comic strip .

I've been doing it since 2008 despite no one reading or caring.


I guess I'll be over here for now. My Twitter account has been suspended because I told one of my Senators to..."eat shit and die."

Notice that, as a man with a public job who has to deal with angry complaints, he instead just reports me.


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