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Babies and things on being a parent 

I’m just sitting here, watching my kid and fiancée sleep and pondering life.

Honestly I never ever though I would become a dad. Been hoping for as long as I remember, but what my life has been up to this point just has made it seem unlikely. Now that it has happened it feels like it wasn’t what I was expecting, but rather much much more and a whole lot better.

I honestly think this is the moment when I finally learned what true, unconditional love feels like.

The kid is out.

This is a fantastic day. ❤️

Oh damn, it’s showtime. Water broke yesterday though we didn’t notice it until today as it was more of a small leak rather than what one could have seen on tv and movies.

Anyway, in around 8 hours or less I’m gonna get to see my kid for the first time. Exciting times!

Oh right, it’s

I guess that’s why Jane was on the table judgingly looking at me like I had forgotten something important.

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Oh man just discovered Gravity Falls and it is amazing show! The theme song will also probably going to be stuck in my head for a while, it’s so good!

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I guess this would be as good a time as any to finally learn how to dismantle and fix a bicycle. I have my old bike there just waiting for me to get around to it and do something about it.

The idea would be to fix her up and maybe modify a bit. It’s a slightly smaller bike so it’s easier to mount and the frame is in good shape, it just needs some better wheels and cleaning of the chains. Might want to add a rear rack as well.

I know it would be a fun project if I just got around to it.

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I’m having my scheduled “I hate my job, technology was a mistake” -day today. I wish I could do something that actually mattered, but instead the skill I have managed to develop is to just sit in front of a computer, burning through electricity while doing nothing but creating made up units of value to a company that sells a software to other companies so they can make more made up units of value.

I think I need a break from all this. Vacation maybe?

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Why aren’t physical trainers called ‘exercists’? 🤷‍♀️

I found a pair of shorts on sale and seriously they have to be the most comfortable pair of shorts I’ve ever had!

I love finding good clothing as since I hate shopping so when having to actually go through it pays off it’s especially satisfying.

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I mean sure I can also use Google Maps in a pinch, but since it's Google, it's always the absolute last resort.

I can navigate also without any app (I'm old, I remember how to use a physical map), but when cycling I do like the convenience of the app suggesting me actual cycleways instead of just sticking with the main roads and risking getting run over by some douche in a car bigger than a house. Not to mention you can't use physical map on the move, except maybe as a sail if the wind is right

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The second question that comes to mind is why the option is even there if it's not available here. I'm more likely to require cycling directions at home than thousands of kilometers away on the off chance I ever travel to one of the few places listed, which is highly unlikely for the time being.

I mean I don't need Apple Maps though. There's always Komoot, but when using that I can plan a route to somewhere, but might not be able to plan a route back since I need to pay for the area's maps.

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So Apple Maps doesn't have the option to get directions when cycling in my city and/or country.

It says that on the app when I try to get the directions. There's a link where I can "learn more".

I click the link to do so, but it just shows me a list of places it's available and the list is pretty short at the moment.

My question is this: what more did I learn? I already knew it's not available here after they told me that. I was more curious if there's more info when it MIGHT be available. 🤔

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